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Hanneman, Robert A. - Basic Statistics for Social Research, ebook

Basic Statistics for Social Research

Hanneman, Robert A.


Basic Statistics for Social Research offers an introduction to core general statistical concepts and methods. It covers procedural aspects of the application of statistical methods for data-description ; and hypothesis-testing ; distributions, tabulations,

Amaturo, Enrica - Data Science and Social Research, ebook

Data Science and Social Research

Amaturo, Enrica


On Data, Big Data and Social Research. Is It a Real Revolution?
Federico Neresini
3. New Data Science: The Sociological Point of View
Biagio Aragona
4. Data Revolutions in Sociology
Barbara Saracino
5. Blurry

Gagnon, Amélie A. - Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity, ebook

Social Statistics and Ethnic Diversity

Gagnon, Amélie A.


Table of contents
1. The Making of Racial and Ethnic Categories: Official Statistics Reconsidered
Patrick Simon, Victor Piché, Amélie A. Gagnon
Part I. Comparative Accounts of Ethnic Statistics
2. Ethnic Classification in Global Perspective: A Cross-National Survey of the 2000 Census Round
Ann Morning

Rasch, Dieter - Statistics in Psychology Using R and SPSS, ebook

Statistics in Psychology Using R and SPSS

Rasch, Dieter


Statistics in Psychology covers all statistical methods needed in education and research in psychology. This book looks at research questions when planning data sampling, that is to design the intended study and to calculate the sample sizes in advance. In other words, no analysis applies

Bruno, Isabelle - The Social Sciences of Quantification, ebook

The Social Sciences of Quantification

Bruno, Isabelle


The Social Sciences of Quantification in France: An Overview
Isabelle Bruno, Florence Jany-Catrice, Béatrice Touchelay
Part I. Sociology of Quantification: Alain Desrosières’s contributions
2. Introduction to the

Argiento, Raffaele - Bayesian Statistics in Action, ebook

Bayesian Statistics in Action

Argiento, Raffaele


Table of contents
Part I. Theory and Methods
1. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Random Intercept Models for Longitudinal Data
Danilo Alvares, Carmen Armero, Anabel Forte, Nicolas Chopin
2. On the Truncation Error of a Superposed Gamma…