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Brown, Byron Wm. - Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction, ebook

Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction

Brown, Byron Wm.


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T. W. AndersonThe

Cao, Ricardo - Nonparametric Statistics, ebook

Nonparametric Statistics

Cao, Ricardo


Table of contents
1. A Numerical Study of the Power Function of a New Symmetry Test
D. Bagkavos, P. N. Patil, A. T. A. Wood
2. Nonparametric Test on Process Capability
Stefano Bonnini
3. Testing for Breaks in Regression Models with…

HK, Ramakrishna - Medical Statistics, ebook

Medical Statistics

HK, Ramakrishna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ramakrishna HK
2. My Journey from a Rural Surgeon to an Author
Ramakrishna HK
3. Understanding Biostatistics, Probability, and Tests of Significance
Ramakrishna HK
4. Understanding Basic Statistical…

Glaz, Joseph - Scan Statistics, ebook

Scan Statistics

Glaz, Joseph


Scan Statistics in Genome-Wide Scan for Complex Trait Loci
Josephine Hoh, Jurg Ott
11. On Probabilities for Complex Switching Rules in Sampling Inspection
W.Y. Wendy Lou, James C. Fu
12. Bayesian Network Scan Statistics

Pripp, Are Hugo - Statistics in Food Science and Nutrition, ebook

Statistics in Food Science and Nutrition

Pripp, Are Hugo


Applying Statistics to Food Quality
Are Hugo Pripp
4. Nutritional Epidemiology and Health Effects of Foods
Are Hugo Pripp
5. Application of Multivariate Analysis: Benefits and Pitfalls
Are Hugo Pripp
6. Statistics in Food Science and Nutrition

Ferger, Dietmar - From Statistics to Mathematical Finance, ebook

From Statistics to Mathematical Finance

Ferger, Dietmar


Asymptotic Nonparametric Statistics and Change-Point Problems
8. Asymptotic Tail Bounds for the Dempfle-Stute Estimator in General Regression Models
Dietmar Ferger
9. On Empirical Distribution Functions Under Auxiliary Information
Erich Haeusler

Cleophas, Toine F. - Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials, ebook

Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials

Cleophas, Toine F.


Quality-Of-Life Assessments in Clinical Trials
Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman, Toine F. Cleophas
23. Statistical Analysis of Genetic Data
Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman, Toine F. Cleophas
24. Relationship Among Statistical Distributions