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Ryan, Thomas P. - Modern Engineering Statistics, ebook

Modern Engineering Statistics

Ryan, Thomas P.


The objective of this book is to motivate an appreciation of contemporary statistical techniques within the context of engineering. The author presents an optimum blend between statistical thinking and statistical methodology through emphasis of a broad sweep of “tools” rather

Cao, Ricardo - Nonparametric Statistics, ebook

Nonparametric Statistics

Cao, Ricardo


Table of contents
1. A Numerical Study of the Power Function of a New Symmetry Test
D. Bagkavos, P. N. Patil, A. T. A. Wood
2. Nonparametric Test on Process Capability
Stefano Bonnini
3. Testing for Breaks in Regression Models with Dependent Data
J. Hidalgo, V. Dalla
4. Change Detection in INARCH Time

Gentle, James E. - Computational Statistics, ebook

Computational Statistics

Gentle, James E.


Table of contents
1. Mathematical and Statistical Preliminaries
James E. Gentle
2. Computer Storage and Arithmetic
James E. Gentle
3. Algorithms and Programming
James E. Gentle
4. Approximation of Functions and Numerical Quadrature

Rohatgi, Vijay K. - An Introduction to Probability and Statistics, ebook

An Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Rohatgi, Vijay K.


A well-balanced introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics
Featuring updated material, An Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Third Edition remains a solid overview to probability theory and mathematical statistics. Divided

Erto, Pasquale - Statistics for Innovation, ebook

Statistics for Innovation

Erto, Pasquale


Technological Process Innovation via Engineering and Statistical Knowledge Integration
Biagio Palumbo, Gaetano Chiara, Roberto Marrone
Part III. Innovation of Lifecycle Management
11. Bayesian Reliability Inference on Innovated Automotive Components

Jawlik, Andrew A. - Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified, ebook

Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified

Jawlik, Andrew A.


 Statistics is confusing, even for smart, technically competent people. And many students and professionals find that existing books and web resources don’t give them an intuitive understanding of confusing statistical concepts. That is why this book is needed. Some of the unique qualities

Hahn, Gerald J. - The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry, ebook

The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry

Hahn, Gerald J.


An insightful guide to the use of statistics for solving key problems in modern-day business and industry
This book has been awarded the Technometrics Ziegel Prize for the best book reviewed by the journal in 2010. Technometrics is a journal of statistics