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Ferger, Dietmar - From Statistics to Mathematical Finance, ebook

From Statistics to Mathematical Finance

Ferger, Dietmar


Asymptotic Nonparametric Statistics and Change-Point Problems
8. Asymptotic Tail Bounds for the Dempfle-Stute Estimator in General Regression Models
Dietmar Ferger
9. On Empirical Distribution Functions Under Auxiliary Information
Erich Haeusler

Cipra, Tomas - Financial and Insurance Formulas, ebook

Financial and Insurance Formulas

Cipra, Tomas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tomas Cipra
2. Simple Interest and Discount
Tomas Cipra
3. Compound Interest and Discount
Tomas Cipra
4. Continuous Interest and Discount
Tomas Cipra
5. Classical Analysis of Interest Rates
Tomas Cipra
6. Systems of Cash Flows
Tomas Cipra

Laurent, Jean-Paul - Modelling in Life Insurance – A Management Perspective, ebook

Modelling in Life Insurance – A Management Perspective

Laurent, Jean-Paul


Table of contents
Part I. Life Insurance Context
1. Paradigms in Life Insurance
Ragnar Norberg
2. About Market Consistent Valuation in Insurance
Pierre-E. Thérond
Part II. Design and Implementation of Life Insurance Models
3. Cash Flow Projection Models
Jean-Paul Felix
4. Economic Scenario Generators

Antoch, Jaromír - Analytical Methods in Statistics, ebook

Analytical Methods in Statistics

Antoch, Jaromír


Table of contents
1. A Weighted Bootstrap Procedure for Divergence Minimization Problems
Michel Broniatowski
2. Asymptotic Analysis of Iterated 1-Step Huber-Skip M-Estimators with Varying Cut-Offs
Xiyu Jiao, Bent Nielsen
3. Regression…

Nunno, Giulia Di - Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance, ebook

Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance

Nunno, Giulia Di


Table of contents
1. Dynamic Risk Measures
Beatrice Acciaio, Irina Penner
2. Ambit Processes and Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Fred Espen Benth, Almut E. D. Veraart
3. Fractional Processes as Models in Stochastic Finance
Christian Bender, Tommi Sottinen, Esko Valkeila