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Pfanzagl, Johann - Mathematical Statistics, ebook

Mathematical Statistics

Pfanzagl, Johann


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johann Pfanzagl
2. Sufficiency
Johann Pfanzagl
3. Descriptive Statistics
Johann Pfanzagl
4. Optimality of Unbiased Estimators: Nonasymptotic Theory
Johann Pfanzagl
5. Asymptotic Optimality…

Gentle, James E. - Computational Statistics, ebook

Computational Statistics

Gentle, James E.


Table of contents
1. Mathematical and Statistical Preliminaries
James E. Gentle
2. Computer Storage and Arithmetic
James E. Gentle
3. Algorithms and Programming
James E. Gentle
4. Approximation of Functions and Numerical Quadrature

Cao, Ricardo - Nonparametric Statistics, ebook

Nonparametric Statistics

Cao, Ricardo


Table of contents
1. A Numerical Study of the Power Function of a New Symmetry Test
D. Bagkavos, P. N. Patil, A. T. A. Wood
2. Nonparametric Test on Process Capability
Stefano Bonnini
3. Testing for Breaks in Regression Models with…

Doukhan, Paul - Dependence in Probability and Statistics, ebook

Dependence in Probability and Statistics

Doukhan, Paul


Permutation and bootstrap statistics under infinite variance
István Berkes, Lajos Horváth, Johannes Schauer
2. Max–Stable Processes: Representations, Ergodic Properties and Statistical Applications
Stilian A. Stoev
3. Best attainable rates of convergence

Argiento, Raffaele - Bayesian Statistics in Action, ebook

Bayesian Statistics in Action

Argiento, Raffaele


Table of contents
Part I. Theory and Methods
1. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Random Intercept Models for Longitudinal Data
Danilo Alvares, Carmen Armero, Anabel Forte, Nicolas Chopin
2. On the Truncation Error of a Superposed Gamma…

Aneiros, Germán - Functional Statistics and Related Fields, ebook

Functional Statistics and Related Fields

Aneiros, Germán


Functional data analysis approach of Mandel’s h and k statistics in Interlaboratory Studies
Miguel Flores, Salvador Naya, Javier Tarrío-Saavedra, Rubén Fernández-Casal
17. High-dimensional functional time series forecasting
Yuan Gao, Hanlin L. Shang,

Muenchen, Robert A. - R for Stata Users, ebook

R for Stata Users

Muenchen, Robert A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert A. Muenchen, Joseph M. Hilbe
2. Installing and Updating R
Robert A. Muenchen, Joseph M. Hilbe
3. Running R
Robert A. Muenchen, Joseph M. Hilbe
4. Help and Documentation
Robert A.…

Lechevallier, Yves - Proceedings of COMPSTAT'2010, ebook

Proceedings of COMPSTAT'2010

Lechevallier, Yves


Computational Statistics Solutions for Molecular Biomedical Research: A Challenge and Chance for Both
Lutz Edler, Christina Wunder, Wiebke Werft, Axel Benner
3. The Laws of Coincidence
David J. Hand
4. Choosing the Summary Statistics