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Brosius, Felix - SPSS 16 für Dummies, ebook

SPSS 16 für Dummies

Brosius, Felix


Ob Kundendaten oder Absatzzahlen, Umfrageergebnisse oder wissenschaftliche Studien - bewältigen Sie große Datenmengen mit SPSS, dem am häufigsten eingesetzte Softwaretool zur statistischen Datenanalyse. In "SPSS für Dummies" bietet

Verma, J. P. - Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS, ebook

Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS

Verma, J. P.


A step-by-step approach to problem-solving techniques using SPSS® in the fields of sports science and physical education 
Featuring a clear and accessible approach to the methods, processes, and statistical techniques used in sports science and

Gamst, Glenn C. - Performing Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS, ebook

Performing Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS

Gamst, Glenn C.


This book is designed to be a user’s guide for students and other interested readers to perform statistical data analysis with IBM SPSS, which is a major statistical software package used extensively in academic,

Verma, J. P. - Repeated Measures Design for Empirical Researchers, ebook

Repeated Measures Design for Empirical Researchers

Verma, J. P.


This book focuses on repeated measures designs, and while other books on design of experiments typically only explain the computation involved in each design, this book provides comprehensive solutions to each repeated measures design (RMD) discussed beginning with the formation of research questions to step-by-step analysis

Dempster, Martin - Psychology Statistics For Dummies, ebook

Psychology Statistics For Dummies

Dempster, Martin


Ease into statistics – start out with an introduction to how statistics are used by psychologists, including the types of variables they use and how they measure them Get your feet wet – quickly learn the basics of descriptive statistics, such as central tendency and measures of dispersion, along with

Abbott, Martin Lee - Understanding and Applying Research Design, ebook

Understanding and Applying Research Design

Abbott, Martin Lee


A fresh approach to bridging research design with statistical analysis
While good social science requires both research design and statistical analysis, most books treat these two areas separately. Understanding and Applying Research Design introduces an accessible approach to integrating