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Mooney, T. Brian - Understanding Teaching and Learning, ebook

Understanding Teaching and Learning

Mooney, T. Brian

From 15,05€

Generous selections from these four seminal texts on the theory and practice of education have never before appeared together in a single volume. The Introductions that precede the texts provide brief biographical sketches of each author, situating him…

O'Hear, Anthony - The School of Freedom, ebook

The School of Freedom

O'Hear, Anthony


Liberal education is not a theory. It is the tradition by which Western civilisation has preserved and enriched its inheritance for two and a half thousand years. Yet liberal education is a term that has fallen from use in Britain, its traditional meaning…

Oakeshott, Michael - The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence, ebook

The Concept of a Philosophical Jurisprudence

Oakeshott, Michael


This volume brings together for the first time over a hundred of Oakeshott’s essays and reviews, written between 1926 and 1951, that until now have remained scattered through a variety of scholarly journals, periodicals and newspapers. A new editorial…

Goetz, Stewart - C. S. Lewis, ebook

C. S. Lewis

Goetz, Stewart


The definitive exploration of C.S. Lewis’s philosophical thought, and its connection with his theological and literary work
Arguably one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, C.S. Lewis is widely hailed as a literary giant, his…

Blumenau, Ralph - Philosophy and Living, ebook

Philosophy and Living

Blumenau, Ralph

From 21,30€

Philosophy can be very abstract and apparently remote from our everyday concerns. In this book Ralph Blumenau brings out for the non-specialist the bearing that thinkers of the past have on the way we live now, on the attitude we have towards our lives,…

Abravanel, Lesley - Frommer's® Florida 2011, ebook

Frommer's® Florida 2011

Abravanel, Lesley


Completely updated every year, Frommer's Florida 2011 features gorgeous color photos of the sights and experiences that await you. Author Lesley Abravanel lives and works in Miami as a gossip columnist for the Miami Herald, so she knows…

Cobb, Kelton - The Blackwell Guide to Theology and Popular Culture, ebook

The Blackwell Guide to Theology and Popular Culture

Cobb, Kelton


A timely examination and contribution to the rapidly expanding field of theology and popular culture
Locates the theological analysis of culture alongside political, sociological, economic, aesthetic and psychological analyses
Surveys the work of religious and theological scholars who have turned

Baugher, Sherene - Past Meets Present, ebook

Past Meets Present

Baugher, Sherene


The Whole Site is the Artifact: Interpreting the St. John's Site, St. Mary's City, Maryland
Silas D. Hurry, Dorsey Bodeman
4. The Archaeology of Conviction: Public Archaeology at Port Arthur Historic Site
Jody Steele,