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Bach, Greg - Coaching Football For Dummies, ebook

Coaching Football For Dummies

Bach, Greg


Few experiences are more rewarding than coaching a youth football team. Your journey through the season will be packed with moments that make you smile and that you and your players will remember for the rest of your lives. But what if you’ve never…

Davies, Richard O. - Sports in American Life: A History, ebook

Sports in American Life: A History

Davies, Richard O.


Davies' highly praised narrative of American sports, Sports in American Life: A History, features extensive revisions and updates to its presentation of an interpretative history of the relationship of sports

Weatherill, Stephen - European Sports Law, ebook

European Sports Law

Weatherill, Stephen


EU Sports Law: The Effect of the Lisbon Treaty
Stephen Weatherill
22. Fairness, Openness and the Specific Nature of Sport: Does the Lisbon Treaty Change EU Sports Law?
Stephen Weatherill
23. Is There Such a Thing as EU Sports Law?
Stephen Weatherill

Feletti, Francesco - Extreme Sports Medicine, ebook

Extreme Sports Medicine

Feletti, Francesco


Table of contents
Part II. Injuries and Illnesses in the Most Popular Extreme Sports
23. White-Water Paddlesport Medicine
Iain Wilson, Jonathan Folland, Hilary McDermott, Fehmidah Munir

Mathelitsch, Leopold - Physik des Sports, ebook

Physik des Sports

Mathelitsch, Leopold


Mit Physik zum Erfolg:
Eine grundlegende Analyse vieler mechanischer Phänomene im Sport
Die Autoren nähern sich der Physik des Sports von einem interdisziplinären Standpunkt: Beginnend mit dem Einmaleins der Mechanik, berechnen sie optimale Werte für Sprung

Luigi, Arthur Jason De - Adaptive Sports Medicine, ebook

Adaptive Sports Medicine

Luigi, Arthur Jason De


Adaptive Sports Medicine: History, Technology and Biomechanics
1. History of Adaptive and Disabled Rights within Society, Thus Creating the Fertile Soil to Grow, Adaptive Sports
Joseph Scholz, Yin-Ting Chen
2. Wheelchair Sports

Margheritini, Fabrizio - Orthopedic Sports Medicine, ebook

Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Margheritini, Fabrizio


Table of contents
Section I. Special Issues
1. Present and Future of Sports Medicine
K. D. Illingworth, S. M. Vyas, V. Musahl, F. H. Fu
2. The Pathophysiology of Tendon Injury
N. Maffulli, U. G. Longo, F. Spiezia, V. Denaro
3. Pathophysiology of Muscle Injuries
P. M. Tonino, M. K. Sinclair
4. Pathophysiology

Fioranelli, Massimo - Sports Cardiology, ebook

Sports Cardiology

Fioranelli, Massimo


Other Clinical Indications: Sports Practice in Individuals with Patent Foramen Ovale and in Patients Undergoing Non-Coronary Interventional Procedures
Ilaria Dato, Rocco Vergallo, Antonella Tommasino, Italo Porto
29. Cardiac Rehabilitation
Mara Piccoli,