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Dennis, Mike - Sport under Communism, ebook

Sport under Communism

Dennis, Mike


Drugs in Elite Sport in the German ‘Doping’ Republic
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
6. Steroids and Justice
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
7. Football — East German Sport’s ‘Problem Child’
Mike Dennis, Jonathan Grix
8. The ‘Flipside’

Köhler, Julia - Fairplay im Sport, ebook

Fairplay im Sport

Köhler, Julia


Persönliche Werte als gelebte Werte im Sport – ein Praxisbeitrag
Wolfgang Watzke
4. Potenziale und Grenzen der Teilhabe und Integration von Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund im organisierten Sport
Torsten Schlesinger, Claudia Klostermann, Christelle

Dolles, Harald - Sport as a Business, ebook

Sport as a Business

Dolles, Harald


Decision-making Styles in Purchasing Sport Products: An International Comparison Between American and Korean College Students
Sungwon Bae
4. Travel Time Elasticities in Recreational Sports: Empirical Findings for the Professionalization

Casa, Douglas J. - Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat, ebook

Sport and Physical Activity in the Heat

Casa, Douglas J.


Table of contents
Part I. Foundational Concepts
1. Comparative Physiology of Thermoregulation
Luke N. Belval, Lawrence E. Armstrong
2. Human Heat Physiology
Jonathan E. Wingo, Craig G. Crandall, Glen P. Kenny
Part II. Enhancing Exercise…

Beacom, Aaron - Sport and International Development, ebook

Sport and International Development

Beacom, Aaron


A Delicate Balance: Major Sport Events and Development
Scarlett Cornelissen
5. Disability Sport and the Politics of Development
Aaron Beacom
6. Dilemmas and Opportunities in Gender and Sport-in-Development

MacLaren, Donald - Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise Metabolism, ebook

Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise Metabolism

MacLaren, Donald


How do our muscles produce energy for exercise and what are the underlying biochemical principles involved? These are questions that students need to be able to answer when studying for a number of sport related degrees. This can prove to be a difficult task for those with a relatively limited

Hemmings, Brian - Applied Sport Psychology: A Case-Based Approach, ebook

Applied Sport Psychology: A Case-Based Approach

Hemmings, Brian


It addresses ‘real world’ issues and helps the student understand the problems and challenges that the sport psychologist faces and is employed to resolve.
The book begins by exploring the use of case studies as a professional method for disseminating applied

Adair, Daryl - Global Sport-for-Development, ebook

Global Sport-for-Development

Adair, Daryl


Global Sport-for-Development: Critical Perspectives
1. Sport-for-Development: The Emergence and Growth of a New Genre
Nico Schulenkorf, Daryl Adair
Part II. Framework
2. The Sport for Development and Peace Sector: