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Bruce, Duncan W. - Functional Oxides, ebook

Functional Oxides

Bruce, Duncan W.


Functional oxides have a wide variety of applications in the electronic industry. The discovery of new metal oxides with interesting and useful properties continues to drive much research in chemistry, physics, and materials science.
In Functional Oxides five topical areas have been selected to illustrate the importance

Ichikawa, Yuichi - TCP 2014, ebook

TCP 2014

Ichikawa, Yuichi


Table of contents
1. Precision measurements with LPCTrap at GANIL
E. Liénard, G. Ban, C. Couratin, P. Delahaye, D. Durand, X. Fabian, B. Fabre, X. Fléchard, P. Finlay, F. Mauger, A. Méry, O. Naviliat-Cuncic, B. Pons, T. Porobic, G. Quéméner,…

Nurdin, Hendra I - Linear Dynamical Quantum Systems, ebook

Linear Dynamical Quantum Systems

Nurdin, Hendra I


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hendra I. Nurdin, Naoki Yamamoto
2. Mathematical Modeling of Linear Dynamical Quantum Systems
Hendra I. Nurdin, Naoki Yamamoto
3. Realization Theory for Linear Dynamical Quantum Systems

Joachim, Christian - Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines, ebook

Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines

Joachim, Christian


Table of contents
1. High Precision Local Electrical Probing: Potential and Limitations for the Analysis of Nanocontacts and Nanointerconnects
B. Guenther, M. Maier, J. Koeble, A. Bettac, F. Matthes, C. M. Schneider, A. Feltz
2. Ultra-Compact…