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Redford, Melissa A. - The Handbook of Speech Production, ebook

The Handbook of Speech Production

Redford, Melissa A.


The Handbook of Speech Production is the first reference work to provide an overview of this burgeoning area of study. Twenty-four chapters written by an international team of authors examine issues in speech planning,

Morton, Katherine - Speech Production and Perception, ebook

Speech Production and Perception

Morton, Katherine


Speech Production Theory
1. Classical Phonetics
Mark Tatham, Katherine Morton
2. Coarticulation: the Phenomenon
Mark Tatham, Katherine Morton
3. Coarticulation Theory
Mark Tatham, Katherine Morton

Howard, Sara - Cleft Palate Speech: Assessment and Intervention, ebook

Cleft Palate Speech: Assessment and Intervention

Howard, Sara


The focus of this book is on speech production and speech processing associated with cleft palate, covering phonetic (perceptual and instrumental), phonological and psycholinguistic perspectives, and including coverage of implications for literacy and

Byrd, Dani - Discovering Speech, Words, and Mind, ebook

Discovering Speech, Words, and Mind

Byrd, Dani


Written in a lively style, Discovering Speech, Words, and Mind applies a scientific approach to the study of various aspects of speech, using everyday examples to introduce the beginning student to the world of language and cognition. An accessible introduction

Mariani, Joseph - Language and Speech Processing, ebook

Language and Speech Processing

Mariani, Joseph

From 230,35€

Speech processing addresses various scientific and technological areas. It includes speech analysis and variable rate coding, in order to store or transmit speech. It also covers speech synthesis, especially from

Bäckström, Tom - Speech Coding, ebook

Speech Coding

Bäckström, Tom


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tom Bäckström
Part I. Basic Properties of Speech Signals
2. Speech Production and Modelling
Tom Bäckström
3. Principles of Entropy Coding with Perceptual Quality Evaluation
Tom Bäckström
Part II. Core Tools
4. Spectral Envelope and Perceptual Masking Models

Gopi, E. S. - Digital Speech Processing Using Matlab, ebook

Digital Speech Processing Using Matlab

Gopi, E. S.


Table of contents
1. Pattern Recognition for Speech Detection
E. S. Gopi
2. Speech Production Model
E. S. Gopi
3. Feature Extraction of the Speech Signal
E. S. Gopi
4. Speech Compression
E. S. Gopi

Benesty, Jacob - Springer Handbook of Speech Processing, ebook

Springer Handbook of Speech Processing

Benesty, Jacob


Production, Perception, and Modeling of Speech
2. Physiological Processes of Speech Production
Kiyoshi Honda
3. Nonlinear Cochlear Signal Processing and Masking in Speech Perception
Jont B. Allen
4. Perception of Speech and Sound
Birger Kollmeier,