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Bonner, Philip L.R. - Basic Bioscience Laboratory Techniques: A Pocket Guide, ebook

Basic Bioscience Laboratory Techniques: A Pocket Guide

Bonner, Philip L.R.

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It also helps them to analyse their data and present their findings, in addition to directing the reader, via a comprehensive list of references, to relevant further reading
All of the core bioscience laboratory techniques are covered including: basic calculations and the preparation of solutions;

Gaisford, Simon - Essentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation, ebook

Essentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation

Gaisford, Simon

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Special attention is given to the principles and best-practice of the analytical techniques that underpin preformulation (UV spectrophotometry, TLC, DSC, XRPD and HPLC). The material is presented in the typical order that would be followed when developing a medicine

Kyung, Chong-Min - Smart Sensors at the IoT Frontier, ebook

Smart Sensors at the IoT Frontier

Kyung, Chong-Min


LED Spectrophotometry and Its Performance Enhancement Based on Pseudo-BJT
Seongwook Choi, Young June Park
10. An Air Quality and Event Detection System with Life Logging for Monitoring Household Environments
Hyuntae Cho
11. Mobile Crowdsensing to Collect

Ohlídal, Miloslav - Optical Characterization of Thin Solid Films, ebook

Optical Characterization of Thin Solid Films

Ohlídal, Miloslav


Spectrophotometry and Spectral Ellipsometry
5. Optical Characterization of Thin Films by Means of Imaging Spectroscopic Reflectometry
Miloslav Ohlídal, Jiří Vodák, David Nečas
6. Data Processing Methods for Imaging Spectrophotometry
David Nečas

Bruley, Duane F. - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVII, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVII

Bruley, Duane F.


Prediction of Surgical Site Infections Using Spectrophotometry: Preliminary Results
Charlotte L. Ives, David K. Harrison, Gerard Stansby
25. Spatially Resolved Blood Oxygenation Measurements Using Time-Resolved Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
J G Laufer, C