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Wotring, Virginia E. - Space Pharmacology, ebook

Space Pharmacology

Wotring, Virginia E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Virginia E. Wotring
2. Absorption
Virginia E. Wotring
3. Distribution
Virginia E. Wotring
4. Metabolism and Excretion
Virginia E. Wotring
5. Central Nervous System
Virginia E. Wotring

Shayler, David J. - Space Rescue, ebook

Space Rescue

Shayler, David J.


Table of contents
1. STS-107: Rescue or repair?
2. Space: A final frontier
3. Training to survive
4. Pad escape
5. Launch escape, 1: Escape towers
6. Launch escape, 2: Ejection seats
7. Away from Earth
8. Return to Earth

Evans, Ben - At Home in Space, ebook

At Home in Space

Evans, Ben


Table of contents
1. Unlikely partners
Ben Evans
2. A home after Apollo
Ben Evans
3. A tale of science, sickness and the Sun
Ben Evans
4. Red stars in the East
Ben Evans
5. Dreams and nightmares
Ben Evans

Froehlich, Annette - A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty, ebook

A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Froehlich, Annette


Emergence of Environmental Protection Clauses in Outer Space Treaty: A Lesson from the Rio Principles
Gordon Chung
2. Legal Consequences of Environmental Pollution in Outer Space
Giulia Pavesi
3. Intentional Destruction of Satellites in Relation to

Milligan, Tony - The Ethics of Space Exploration, ebook

The Ethics of Space Exploration

Milligan, Tony


The Ethics of Outer Space: A Consequentialist Perspective
Seth D. Baum
9. Space Ethics Without Foundations
Tony Milligan
Part III. Humanism and Posthumanism
10. Why Space Migration Must Be Posthuman

Harris, Philip Robert - Space Enterprise, ebook

Space Enterprise

Harris, Philip Robert


Toward a global space vision, ethos, and enterprise
2. Human space exploration and settlement
3. Space habitability and the environment
4. Cultural implications of space enterprise
5. High-performing spacefarers

Harland, David M - The Story of Space Station Mir, ebook

The Story of Space Station Mir

Harland, David M


Table of contents
1. Getting started
2. Routine operations
3. A step towards continuous occupancy
4. A base block for modular construction
5. An astrophysical laboratory
6. A microgravity laboratory for hire
7. Expansion or abandonment?