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Milligan, Tony - The Ethics of Space Exploration, ebook

The Ethics of Space Exploration

Milligan, Tony


The Ethics of Outer Space: A Consequentialist Perspective
Seth D. Baum
9. Space Ethics Without Foundations
Tony Milligan
Part III. Humanism and Posthumanism
10. Why Space Migration Must Be Posthuman

Dawson, Linda - The Politics and Perils of Space Exploration, ebook

The Politics and Perils of Space Exploration

Dawson, Linda


Table of contents
1. The New Space Race
Linda Dawson
2. The Commercial Space Race
Linda Dawson
3. Mars
Linda Dawson
4. Why Not Go Back to the Moon?
Linda Dawson
5. The Science and Dangers of Outer Space
Linda Dawson
6. Politics and the Space Race
Linda Dawson
7. The Post-Apollo

Harvey, Brian - Soviet and Russian Lunar Exploration, ebook

Soviet and Russian Lunar Exploration

Harvey, Brian


Table of contents
1. Origins of the Soviet lunar programme
2. The first moon probes
3. Planning the lunar landing
4. The soft- landers and orbiters
5. The first cosmonauts to the moon
6. Around the moon
7. Samplers, rovers and orbiters

Hatton, Scott - Proceedings of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference, ebook

Proceedings of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference

Hatton, Scott


CubeSats to support Mars exploration: Three scenarios for valuable planetary science missions
Sabrina Corpino, Fabio Nichele
4. Technology or Law: Which Will Reach Mars First?
Benjamin G. Davis
5. Paradigm Change in Earth Observation - Skybox Imaging

Godefroy, Andrew B. - The Canadian Space Program, ebook

The Canadian Space Program

Godefroy, Andrew B.


Forging a Space Nation: Policy and Program Development, 1957–1963
Andrew B. Godefroy
3. Challenge and Commitment: Canada’s Space Program in Transition, 1964–1974
Andrew B. Godefroy
4. Ad Astra: Establishing

Harland, David M - The Story of Space Station Mir, ebook

The Story of Space Station Mir

Harland, David M


Table of contents
1. Getting started
2. Routine operations
3. A step towards continuous occupancy
4. A base block for modular construction
5. An astrophysical laboratory
6. A microgravity laboratory for hire
7. Expansion or abandonment?

Froehlich, Annette - A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty, ebook

A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty

Froehlich, Annette


Emergence of Environmental Protection Clauses in Outer Space Treaty: A Lesson from the Rio Principles
Gordon Chung
2. Legal Consequences of Environmental Pollution in Outer Space
Giulia Pavesi
3. Intentional Destruction of Satellites in Relation to

Baker, Philip - The Story of Manned Space Stations, ebook

The Story of Manned Space Stations

Baker, Philip


Salyut 6: Space Station Operations Defined
7. Salyut 7 and Spacelab
8. Mir: For All Mankind?
9. Freedom: The U.S. Strikes Back
10. Shuttle-Mir: Real co-operation
11. The International Space Station...at last
12. The Future for Manned Space