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Edele, Mark - The Soviet Union: A Short History, ebook

The Soviet Union: A Short History

Edele, Mark


An acclaimed historian explores the dynamic history of the twentieth century Soviet Union
In ten concise and compelling chapters, The Soviet Union covers the entire Soviet Union experience from the years 1904 to 1991 by putting the focus on three

Carroll, Eero - The Soviet Union, ebook

The Soviet Union

Carroll, Eero


Thinkers From Overseas: How Western Experts Described the Soviet Union Over Its 74-Year History
Vladimir Shlapentokh, Eric Shiraev, Eero Carroll
3. Homegrown Russian Elites and Soviet Realities
Vladimir Shlapentokh, Eric Shiraev, Eero Carroll
4. The

Maurer, Eva - Soviet Space Culture, ebook

Soviet Space Culture

Maurer, Eva


Space is the Place! Writing About Soviet Space Exploration
2. Space is the Place! Writing About Soviet Space Exploration
Julia Richers
Part I. Spirituality, Transcendence and Soviet Utopianism
3. Introduction to Part

Gill, Graeme - Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics, ebook

Collective Leadership in Soviet Politics

Gill, Graeme


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Study of Soviet Leadership
Graeme Gill
2. Oligarchy with a Predominant Leader, 1917–22
Graeme Gill
3. Rule by Pure Oligarchy, 1923–29
Graeme Gill
4. From the Predominant to the Dominant Leader, 1930–53
Graeme Gill
5. The Limits of the Predominant

Messana, Paola - Soviet Communal Living, ebook

Soviet Communal Living

Messana, Paola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Paola Messana
2. “Uplotnienie”: Filling Up
Paola Messana
3. White Army, Red Army
Paola Messana
4. The Visit to Lenin
Paola Messana
5. Like Life in Naples
Paola Messana

Carment, David - Post-Soviet Migration and Diasporas, ebook

Post-Soviet Migration and Diasporas

Carment, David


Post-Soviet Migration: Regional Context and Modern Development
David Carment, Milana Nikolko
2. Diasporas, Development, and Homelands in Eurasia After 1991
Timothy Heleniak
3. Post-Soviet Russian-Speaking Migration