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Buol, Stanley W. - Soil Genesis and Classification, ebook

Soil Genesis and Classification

Buol, Stanley W.


Soil Genesis and Classification, Sixth Edition, builds on the success of the previous editions to present an unparalleled resource on soil formation and classification. Featuring a color plate section containing multiple soil

Huq, S.M. Imamul - The Soils of Bangladesh, ebook

The Soils of Bangladesh

Huq, S.M. Imamul


History of Soil Research in Bangladesh
S. M. Imamul Huq, Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
3. Climate
S. M. Imamul Huq, Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
4. Geology and Geomorphology
S. M. Imamul Huq, Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib
5. Major Soil Types
S. M. Imamul Huq,

Costantini, Edoardo A.C. - The Soils of Italy, ebook

The Soils of Italy

Costantini, Edoardo A.C.


Time as a Soil Forming Factor and Age of Italian Soils
Stefano Carnicelli, Edoardo A. C. Costantini
6. Pedodiversity
Edoardo A. C. Costantini, Roberto Barbetti, Maria Fantappiè, Giovanni L’Abate, Romina Lorenzetti, Simona Magini
7. Soil Functions

Casanova, Manuel - The Soils of Chile, ebook

The Soils of Chile

Casanova, Manuel


Management of Soil Properties in Chile
Manuel Casanova, Osvaldo Salazar, Oscar Seguel, Walter Luzio
4. Human-Induced Soil Degradation in Chile
Manuel Casanova, Osvaldo Salazar, Oscar Seguel, Walter Luzio

Krasilnikov, Pavel - The Soils of Mexico, ebook

The Soils of Mexico

Krasilnikov, Pavel


Major Soil Types and Their Classification
Pavel Krasilnikov, Ma del Carmen Gutiérrez-Castorena, Robert J. Ahrens, Carlos Omar Cruz-Gaistardo, Sergey Sedov, Elizabeth Solleiro-Rebolledo
5. Geographical Regionalization of the Mexican Territory
Pavel Krasilnikov,

Akça, Erhan - The Soils of Turkey, ebook

The Soils of Turkey

Akça, Erhan


Solonetz Soils–Solonchaks (Solonetz-Like Soils)
Mehmet Ali Çullu, Hikmet Günal
24. Andosols/Andosol-Like Soils
Mahmut Dingil, Muhsin Eren, Selahattin Kadir, Alhan Sarıyev
25. Management
Hakkı Emrah Erdoğan

Bullock, Peter - Soils in the Urban Environment, ebook

Soils in the Urban Environment

Bullock, Peter


These problems have brought attention to the importance of the soil cover, the need for better understanding it, and the need for its protection. This book is a review of state-of-the-art science for soil

Shukla, Girish - Soil Enzymology, ebook

Soil Enzymology

Shukla, Girish


Agricultural and Ecological Significance of Soil Enzymes: Soil Carbon Sequestration and Nutrient Cycling
Wei Shi
4. Enzymes in Forest Soils
Petr Baldrian, Martina Štursová
5. Extracellular Enzymes in Sensing Environmental