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Dumke, Reiner - Software Measurement, ebook

Software Measurement

Dumke, Reiner


Making Measurement a Success — A Primer
3. Measurement Foundations
4. Planning the Measurement Process
5. Performing the Measurement Process
6. Introducing a Measurement Program
7. Estimation of Size, Effort and Cost
8. Project Management

Hom?s, Bernard - Fundamentals of Software Testing, ebook

Fundamentals of Software Testing

Hom?s, Bernard


The testing market is growing at a fast pace and ISTQB certifications are being increasingly requested, with more than 180,000 persons currently certified throughout the world. The ISTQB Foundations level syllabus was updated in 2011, and this book provides detailed course study material including a glossary and sample questions

Padgett, Lakshmi - Repeated Measurements and Cross-Over Designs, ebook

Repeated Measurements and Cross-Over Designs

Padgett, Lakshmi

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An introduction to state-of-the-art experimental design approaches to better understand and interpret repeated measurement data in cross-over designs.
Repeated Measurements and Cross-Over Designs: Features the close tie between the design, analysis,

Tamura, Yoshinobu - OSS Reliability Measurement and Assessment, ebook

OSS Reliability Measurement and Assessment

Tamura, Yoshinobu


Table of contents
1. Software Reliability
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
2. NHPP Model and AHP for OSS Reliability Analysis
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
3. NHPP Model and ANP for OSS Reliability Analysis
Shigeru Yamada, Yoshinobu Tamura
4. Stochastic Differential Equation Models for OSS Reliability

Bundschuh, Manfred - The IT Measurement Compendium, ebook

The IT Measurement Compendium

Bundschuh, Manfred


Functional Size Measurement Methods (FSMMs)
14. Variants of the IFPUG Function Point Counting Method
15. Using Functional Size Measurement Methods
16. Estimation of Data Warehouses, Web-Based Applications: Software Reuse

Abran, Alain - Software Metrics and Software Metrology, ebook

Software Metrics and Software Metrology

Abran, Alain


Most of the software measures currently proposed to the industry bring few real benefits to either software managers or developers. This book looks at the classical metrology concepts from science and engineering, using them as criteria to propose an