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Rudebusch, George - Socrates, ebook


Rudebusch, George


Socrates presents a compelling case for some life-changing conclusions that follow from a close reading of Socrates' arguments. Offers a highly original study of Socrates and his thought, accessible to contemporary

Ahbel-Rappe, Sara - A Companion to Socrates, ebook

A Companion to Socrates

Ahbel-Rappe, Sara


Written by an outstanding international team of scholars, this Companion explores the profound influence of Socrates on the history of Western philosophy.
A survey exploring the profound influence of Socrates on the history of Western philosophy.

Bardi, James Socrates - Hotel Front Office Management, ebook

Hotel Front Office Management

Bardi, James Socrates


The updated guide to running a successful hotel front office
Hotel Front Office Management uses a human resources approach to cover the unique management and operational challenges in the front offices of today's hotels and lodging facilities.…

Magrini, James M. - Plato’s Socrates, Philosophy and Education, ebook

Plato’s Socrates, Philosophy and Education

Magrini, James M.


Plato’s Socrates: The Issues of Pedagogy and Knowledge of the Virtues
James M. Magrini
3. The Ontological Context of the Human Condition: Original Socratic Questions and the Paradox of Learning
James M. Magrini
4. The Unfolding of the Elenchus-Dialectic

Bernstein, Richard J. - Ironic Life, ebook

Ironic Life

Bernstein, Richard J.


While we commonly think of irony as a figure of speech where someone says one thing and means the opposite, the concept of irony has long played a more fundamental role in the tradition of philosophy, a role that goes back to Socrates Ð the originator and exemplar