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Rees, Emma - Talking Bodies, ebook

Talking Bodies

Rees, Emma


What the Body Tells Us: Transgender Strategies, Beauty, and Self-consciousness
Marzia Mauriello
5. Tattoos: An Embodiment of Desire
Nina Nyman
6. Learning Womanhood: Body Modification, Girls and Identity

Shaw, Rhonda M. - Ethics, Moral Life and the Body, ebook

Ethics, Moral Life and the Body

Shaw, Rhonda M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rhonda M. Shaw
2. Defining Ethics and Morality
Rhonda M. Shaw
3. Moral Judgement and Embodied Ethics
Rhonda M. Shaw
4. Sociology and Morality
Rhonda M. Shaw
5. Sociology and Bioethics
Rhonda M. Shaw
6. Organ and Tissue Donation
Rhonda M. Shaw

Kingdon, Carol - Sociology for Midwives, ebook

Sociology for Midwives

Kingdon, Carol


This book introduces key topics from sociology which are relevant to midwifery audiences. Introductions to the classical theorists and the more recent sociological perspectives that shape contemporary sociology are presented in the context of their applicability

Loh, H.L.L - The Body and Senses in Martial Culture, ebook

The Body and Senses in Martial Culture

Loh, H.L.L


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Loh Han Loong Lionel
2. Methodology
Loh Han Loong Lionel
3. The Lived Realities at the Gym
Loh Han Loong Lionel
4. Knowing Your Body
Loh Han Loong Lionel
5. The Global Martial Circuit…

Casanova, Erynn Masi - Global Beauty, Local Bodies, ebook

Global Beauty, Local Bodies

Casanova, Erynn Masi


Table of contents
1. Refashioning Global Bodies
Oluwakemi M. Balogun, Kimberly Kay Hoang
2. Aesthetic Labor, Racialization, and Aging in Tijuana’s Cosmopolitan Sex Industry
Susanne Hofmann
3. In Praise of Big Noses
Persis M. Karim
4. ¡Más que un Bocado! (More Than a Mouthful)
Michelle Newton-Francis,

Harcourt, Wendy - Bodies in Resistance, ebook

Bodies in Resistance

Harcourt, Wendy


Contesting Bodies in the Constitutional Debate About Citizenship in Nepal
Kumud Rana
6. Embodying Change in Iran: Volunteering in Family Planning as a Practice of Justice
Aniseh Asya
7. Neoliberal Body Politics: