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Fleck, Christian - Sociology in Austria, ebook

Sociology in Austria

Fleck, Christian


Table of contents
1. Sociology in Austria: Introduction
Christian Fleck
2. A Remarkable Past
Christian Fleck
3. A Decade of Backwardness
Christian Fleck
4. A Missed Opportunity
Christian Fleck
5. Years of Reforms
Christian Fleck
6. The Eye of the Needle in Recruiting

Hallinan, Maureen T. - <Emphasis Type="Italic">Handbook of the</Emphasis> Sociology of Education, ebook

Handbook of the Sociology of Education

Hallinan, Maureen T.


On the Linkages between Sociology of Race and Ethnicity and Sociology of Education
Maureen T. Hallinan
5. Research and Theory on Equality and Education
Kathleen Lynch
6. Structural Effects in Education
Robert Dreeben
7. School Effects

Sooryamoorthy, R. - Sociology in South Africa, ebook

Sociology in South Africa

Sooryamoorthy, R.


The Beginning: Sociology in Colonial Times
R. Sooryamoorthy
3. In Apartheid Times, 1948–1993
R. Sooryamoorthy
4. Sociology in Democratic South Africa, 1994–2015
R. Sooryamoorthy
5. Sociological Research: Contemporary Characteristics

Masson, Philippe - Sociology in France after 1945, ebook

Sociology in France after 1945

Masson, Philippe


French Sociology before 1945: Philosophy, Institutions and Politics
Philippe Masson, Cherry Schrecker
3. American Influence and the Development of Disciplines (1945–1963)
Philippe Masson, Cherry Schrecker
4. The Development and Institutionalization

Orton-Johnson, Kate - Digital Sociology, ebook

Digital Sociology

Orton-Johnson, Kate


Afterword: Digital Spaces, Sociology and Surveillance
David Lyon
Part III. Structures
8. Inequalities in the Network Society
Jan A. G. M. Dijk
9. Trillions Out of Ones and Zeros: The Sociology of Finance Encounters

Murphy, Wendy Wiedenhoft - The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology

Murphy, Wendy Wiedenhoft


The new, updated edition of the authoritative and comprehensive survey of modern sociology
The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Sociology, Second Edition is an authoritative survey of the major topics, current and emerging trends, and contemporary issues in the study of human social relationships

Veugelers, Wiel - Education and Humanism, ebook

Education and Humanism

Veugelers, Wiel


Moral Education from A Humanist Perspective
Maria Rosa Buxarrais, Francisco Esteban
5. The Philosophy of Ubuntu and Education in South Africa
Lesley Le Grange
6. Why We Are Not Democratic Yet
Isolde de Groot