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Gross, Matthias - Environmental Sociology, ebook

Environmental Sociology

Gross, Matthias


The Experimental Turn in Environmental Sociology: Pragmatism and New Forms of Governance
Christine Overdevest, Alena Bleicher, Matthias Gross
17. Risk, Society and Environmental Policy: Risk Governance in a Complex World
Piet Sellke, Ortwin Renn

Waisbord, Silvio - Media Sociology: A Reappraisal, ebook

Media Sociology: A Reappraisal

Waisbord, Silvio


Where is sociology in contemporary media studies? How do sociological questions and arguments shape media analysis? These are the questions addressed in this timely collection on media sociology.
Sociology was fundamental in defining the analytical boundaries of early media studies,

Breyer, Friedrich - Health Economics, ebook

Health Economics

Breyer, Friedrich


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
3. Economic Valuation of Life and Health
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
4. Individuals as Producers of Their Health
Peter Zweifel,…

Ross, Don - Philosophy of Economics, ebook

Philosophy of Economics

Ross, Don


Philosophy of Economics as Philosophy of Science
Don Ross
2. Economics and Its Neighbors before 1980
Don Ross
3. The Expansion of the Economic Toolbox
Don Ross
4. How Economics and Psychology Differ

Adhikari, Shiva Raj - Economics of Urban Externalities, ebook

Economics of Urban Externalities

Adhikari, Shiva Raj


Table of contents
1. Urbanization and Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
2. Methods of Measuring Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
3. Measurement Strategies of Externalities
Shiva Raj Adhikari
4. Externalities in Kathmandu

Aranzadi, Javier - Human Action, Economics, and Ethics, ebook

Human Action, Economics, and Ethics

Aranzadi, Javier


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Javier Aranzadi
2. Economic Reality and Human Action
Javier Aranzadi
3. Toward a General Theory of Action
Javier Aranzadi
4. Economic Theory and Theory of Action
Javier Aranzadi
5. The…

Fleurbaey, Marc - Social Ethics and Normative Economics, ebook

Social Ethics and Normative Economics

Fleurbaey, Marc


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Social Ethics and Normative Economics
Marc Fleurbaey, Maurice Salles, John A. Weymark
2. Kolm as a Contributor to Public Utility Pricing, Second-Best Culture, and the Theory of Regulation
Laurent David, Michel Breton, Olivier Merillon
3. Public Utility Pricing and Capacity