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Stillerman, Joel - The Sociology of Consumption: A Global Approach, ebook

The Sociology of Consumption: A Global Approach

Stillerman, Joel


The Sociology of Consumption: A Global Approach offers college students, scholars, and interested readers a state-of-the-art overview of consumption the desire for, purchase, use, display, exchange, and disposal of goods and services.
The book’s global focus, emphasis on social

Fahnøe, Kristian - Lived Citizenship on the Edge of Society, ebook

Lived Citizenship on the Edge of Society

Fahnøe, Kristian


‘They Know Everything About Us’—Exploring Spaces of Surveillance and Citizenship Learning Opportunities in a 24-Hour Care Institution
Michael Christensen
4. The Role of Social Work Practice and Policy in the Lived and Intimate Citizenship

Roseneil, Sasha - Beyond Citizenship?, ebook

Beyond Citizenship?

Roseneil, Sasha


Beyond Citizenship? Feminism and the Transformation of Belonging
Sasha Roseneil
2. Dragging Antigone: Feminist Re-visions of Citizenship
Sam McBean
3. ‘Citizen of the World’: Feminist Cosmopolitanism and Collective and Affective Languages of

Shinozaki, Kyoko - Migrant Citizenship from Below, ebook

Migrant Citizenship from Below

Shinozaki, Kyoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kyoko Shinozaki
2. Migrant Citizenship from Below
Kyoko Shinozaki
3. Setting the Scene
Kyoko Shinozaki
4. Transforming a Private Home
Kyoko Shinozaki
5. Gendered Parenting across Borders
Kyoko Shinozaki
6. Social Activism in the Making
Kyoko Shinozaki