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Grint, Keith - The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Organization, ebook

The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Organization

Grint, Keith


Recent work in the sociology of technology, by contrast, sets out relativist and constructivist accounts of technology, which begin to challenge this central assumption.
The Machine at Work includes a reinterpretation of the Luddites; a review of the social processes

Beck, Ulrich - The Brave New World of Work, ebook

The Brave New World of Work

Beck, Ulrich


This book will be of great interest to second- and third-year students in sociology, politics, geography and the social sciences generally. It will also appeal to a broader audience interested in the issues and debates surrounding the changing nature of work.

Fuller, Steve - New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies, ebook

New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies

Fuller, Steve

From 28,50€

Steve Fuller has a reputation for setting the terms of debate within science and technology studies. In his latest book, New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies he charts the debates likely to be of relevance in the coming years. Should science…

Tonge, Jonathan - Northern Ireland, ebook

Northern Ireland

Tonge, Jonathan

From 31,85€

For almost three decades the troubles in Northern Ireland raged, claiming over 3,600 lives, with civilians accounting for almost half the fatalities. In this book, Jonathan Tonge examines the reasons for that conflict; the motivations of the groups involved…

Swedberg, Richard - Joseph A. Schumpeter: His Life and Work, ebook

Joseph A. Schumpeter: His Life and Work

Swedberg, Richard


Schumpeter (1883-1950) is one of the most celebrated authors on the economics and sociology of the twentieth century. Richard Swedberg's new biography provides an engaging and vivid account of Schumpeter's varied life, including his ventures into politics and private

Fassin, Didier - Life: A Critical User's Manual, ebook

Life: A Critical User's Manual

Fassin, Didier


How can we think of life in its dual expression, matter and experience, the living and the lived? Philosophers and, more recently, social scientists have offered multiple answers to this question, often privileging one expression or the other – the…