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Clemens, Elisabeth S. - What is Political Sociology?, ebook

What is Political Sociology?

Clemens, Elisabeth S.


With an entire discipline devoted to political science, what is distinctive about political sociology? This concise book explains what a sociological perspective brings to our understanding of the emergence, reproduction, and transformation of different forms of political order. Crucially,

Grint, Keith - The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Organization, ebook

The Machine at Work: Technology, Work and Organization

Grint, Keith


Recent work in the sociology of technology, by contrast, sets out relativist and constructivist accounts of technology, which begin to challenge this central assumption.
The Machine at Work includes a reinterpretation of the Luddites; a review of the social processes

Fassin, Didier - Life: A Critical User's Manual, ebook

Life: A Critical User's Manual

Fassin, Didier


How can we think of life in its dual expression, matter and experience, the living and the lived? Philosophers and, more recently, social scientists have offered multiple answers to this question, often privileging one expression or the other – the…

Richards, Martin - The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families

Richards, Martin


Contains original essays by expert contributors on a wide range of topics relating to the sociology of families. Includes coverage of social inequality, parenting practices, children’s work, the changing patterns of citizenship, and multi-cultural families. Gives

Dean, Hartley - Social Policy, ebook

Social Policy

Dean, Hartley


How do human societies provide for the wellbeing of their members? How far can we organize the ways in which we care for and about each other? And who should take responsibility for providing the support we need? These are some of the fundamental questions…