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Alatas, Syed Farid - Sociological Theory Beyond the Canon, ebook

Sociological Theory Beyond the Canon

Alatas, Syed Farid


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Eurocentrism, Androcentrism and Sociological Theory
Syed Farid Alatas, Vineeta Sinha
2. Ibn Khaldun (1332–1406)
Syed Farid Alatas
3. Karl Marx (1818–1883)
Syed Farid Alatas
4. Harriet Martineau (1802–1876)
Vineeta Sinha
5. Max Weber (1864–1920)

Bauman, Zygmunt - Thinking Sociologically, ebook

Thinking Sociologically

Bauman, Zygmunt


Widely acclaimed insight on the human condition, updated to view modern issues through a sociological lens 
Now in its third edition, Thinking Sociologically continues to offer a stimulating exploration of the underlying assumptions and tacit expectations which structure our view of

Abrutyn, Seth - Handbook of Contemporary Sociological Theory, ebook

Handbook of Contemporary Sociological Theory

Abrutyn, Seth


Varieties of Sociological Field Theory
Daniel N. Kluttz, Neil Fligstein
Part III. A Coherent Social Universe
11. Institutional Spheres: The Macro-Structure and Culture of Social Life
Seth Abrutyn
12. Stratification
Katja M. Guenther, Matthew

McLennan, Gregor - Sociological Cultural Studies, ebook

Sociological Cultural Studies

McLennan, Gregor


Table of contents
1. Postpositivism and the Idea of Sociology
Gregor McLennan
2. Cultural Studies//Sociology
Gregor McLennan
3. Explanation, Articulation, Imagination
Gregor McLennan
4. Eurocentrism: The ‘Rise of the West’ Revisited
Gregor McLennan
5. Eurocentrism: Postcolonial Theory

Arnaldi, Simone - Responsibility in Science and Technology, ebook

Responsibility in Science and Technology

Arnaldi, Simone


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simone Arnaldi, Luca Bianchi
2. Responsibility and Social Action
Simone Arnaldi, Luca Bianchi
3. Expectations, Action Orientation and Implications for Responsibility
Simone Arnaldi, Luca Bianchi

Chen, Hon Fai - Chinese Sociology, ebook

Chinese Sociology

Chen, Hon Fai


Paradigm Shift: Sociological Theory and the Studies of Social Transformation
Hon Fai Chen
5. Diversity Within Limits: Post-positivism, Gender Studies and the Sociology of Consumption
Hon Fai Chen
6. Friends, Not