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Abergel, Frédéric - Econophysics of Agent-Based Models, ebook

Econophysics of Agent-Based Models

Abergel, Frédéric


Table of contents
Part I. Agent-Based Models
1. Agent-Based Modeling of Zapping Behavior of Viewers, Television Commercial Allocation, and Advertisement Markets
Hiroyuki Kyan, Jun-ichi Inoue
2. Agent-Based Modeling of Housing Asset Bubble: A Simple Utility Function Based Investigation
Kausik Gangopadhyay,

Pokrovskii, Vladimir N. - Econodynamics, ebook


Pokrovskii, Vladimir N.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Concept of Value and Production Factors
Vladimir N. Pokrovskii
2. Empirical Foundation of Input–Output Model
Vladimir N. Pokrovskii
3. Monetary Side of Social Production
Vladimir N. Pokrovskii

Méndez, Vicenç - Stochastic Foundations in Movement Ecology, ebook

Stochastic Foundations in Movement Ecology

Méndez, Vicenç


Table of contents
Part I. Theoretical Foundations
1. Elements of Probability Theory
Vicenç Méndez, Daniel Campos, Frederic Bartumeus
2. Introduction to Stochastic Processes
Vicenç Méndez, Daniel Campos, Frederic Bartumeus

Kümmel, Reiner - The Second Law of Economics, ebook

The Second Law of Economics

Kümmel, Reiner


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Time Travel with Abel
Reiner Kümmel
2. Energy
Reiner Kümmel
3. Entropy
Reiner Kümmel
4. Economy
Reiner Kümmel
5. Epilogue: Decisions Under Uncertainty
Reiner Kümmel

Attia, Sahar - Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas, ebook

Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas

Attia, Sahar


Informal Urbanism as a Product of Socio-Cultural Expression: Insights from the Island Pacific
Paul Jones
Part III. The Dynamics of Informal Settlements
11. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies for Housing and Poverty Alleviation in Indonesia: The PNPM Programme