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Porta, Donatella - Democracy in Social Movements, ebook

Democracy in Social Movements

Porta, Donatella


Organizational Structures and Visions of Democracy in the Global Justice Movement: An Introduction
Donatella Porta
2. Global Justice Movement Organizations: The Organizational Population
Donatella Porta
3. Participatory Traditions within the Global

Hinchman, Lewis - The Theory of Social Democracy, ebook

The Theory of Social Democracy

Hinchman, Lewis


The ascendancy of neo-liberalism in different parts of the world has put social democracy on the defensive. Its adherents lack a clear rationale for their policies. Yet a justification for social democracy

Ball, Matthew - Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, ebook

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Ball, Matthew


Social Justice, Governance and Ethics
1. The Sustaining Society
Elliott Currie
2. Democracy and the Project of Liberal Inclusion
Susanne Karstedt
3. Justice and Social Inclusion Policies
Judith Bessant

Innerarity, Daniel - Democracy in Europe, ebook

Democracy in Europe

Innerarity, Daniel


Whose Deficit? The European Democracy and Its Democracies
Daniel Innerarity
Part II. The Complexity of the European Democracy
4. What Should Be Democratized? The Peculiarity of Democracy in Europe
Daniel Innerarity
5. Who Are We? A Democracy Without

Kneip, Sascha - Democracy and Crisis, ebook

Democracy and Crisis

Kneip, Sascha


Crisis of Democracy? Views of Experts and Citizens
Werner Krause, Wolfgang Merkel
3. Political Inequality in Voting
Bernhard Weßels
4. Are Programmatic Alternatives Disappearing? The Quality of Election Manifestos in 21 OECD Countries Since the 1950s

Sheth, D.L. - At Home with Democracy, ebook

At Home with Democracy

Sheth, D.L.


Social Power and Democracy
8. Secularization of Caste and the Making of a New Middle Class
D. L. Sheth
9. The Dalit Question in Four Frames
D. L. Sheth
10. The Great Language Debate: Politics of Metropolitan Versus Vernacular India
D. L. Sheth