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Mayo, Marjorie - Community Research for Community Development, ebook

Community Research for Community Development

Mayo, Marjorie


Third Sector Research and the Promotion of Social Inclusion and Solidarity
3. Impact Measurement or Agenda-Setting?
Hannah Jones, Vaughan Jones, Juan Camilo Cock
4. Research with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Organisations: Challenges of Insider Action Research

Williams, Charlotte - Social Work and the City, ebook

Social Work and the City

Williams, Charlotte


Social Issues and the City: New Directions in Practice
5. Superdiversity and the City
Dirk Geldof
6. Ageing in Urban Environments: Challenges and Opportunities for a Critical Social Work Practice
Chris Phillipson, Mo Ray
7. Disabling Cities and Repositioning

Peterson, Tessa Hicks - Student Development and Social Justice, ebook

Student Development and Social Justice

Peterson, Tessa Hicks


Table of contents
Part I. Theories of Engagement
1. Introduction: Know Peace, Know Justice
Tessa Hicks Peterson
2. Disrupting Injustice and Mobilizing Social Change
Tessa Hicks Peterson
3. Self-Awareness and Radical Healing
Tessa Hicks Peterson
4. Critical, Contemplative Community Engagement

Matsunaga, Masaei - Knowledge Creation in Community Development, ebook

Knowledge Creation in Community Development

Matsunaga, Masaei


Mitaka City Development: Collaborating in Harmony
Ayano Hirose Nishihara
5. Da Nang City Development
Nguyễn Hải Hằng
6. Antonio Meloto: Empowering the Filipino Poor Toward Sustainable and Innovative Communities
Alex B. Brillantes, Lizan E.

Walmsley, Jan - Community Care in Perspective, ebook

Community Care in Perspective

Walmsley, Jan


Organisations, Structures and Community Care, 1948–71: From Control to Care?
John Welshman
5. Organisations, Structures and Community Care, 1971–2001: From Care to Citizenship?
Jan Walmsley
6. Devolved Policy

Browne, Teri - Handbook of Health Social Work, ebook

Handbook of Health Social Work

Browne, Teri


The updated third edition of the definitive text on health social work
Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of Handbook of Health Social Work is an authoritative text that offers a comprehensive review of the diverse field of health

Blay-Palmer, Alison - Nourishing Communities, ebook

Nourishing Communities

Blay-Palmer, Alison


The US Experience in Planning for Community Food Systems: An Era of Advocacy, Awareness, and (Some) Learning
Samina Raja, Subhashni Raj, Bartholomew Roberts
Part II. Pathways to Transformation
5. Can Community-Based

Zakour, Michael J. - Community Disaster Vulnerability, ebook

Community Disaster Vulnerability

Zakour, Michael J.


The Development Perspective on Vulnerability
Michael J. Zakour, David F. Gillespie
4. Resilience Complements Vulnerability
Michael J. Zakour, David F. Gillespie
5. Cross-Sectional Design and Linear Statistics in Vulnerability Research
Michael J.