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Williams, Charlotte - Social Work and the City, ebook

Social Work and the City

Williams, Charlotte


Social Issues and the City: New Directions in Practice
5. Superdiversity and the City
Dirk Geldof
6. Ageing in Urban Environments: Challenges and Opportunities for a Critical Social Work Practice
Chris Phillipson, Mo Ray
7. Disabling Cities and Repositioning

Turner, Francis J. - Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice, ebook

Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice

Turner, Francis J.


Envisioning fatherhood: A social psychological perspective on young men without kids, William Marsiglio, Sally Hutchinson and Mark Cohen 9. The function of fathers: What poor men say about fatherhood, Kathleen A. Kost 10. 'Undeserving' mothers? Practitioners' experiences