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Dean, Hartley - Social Policy, ebook

Social Policy

Dean, Hartley


In this introduction, Hartley Dean explains the extraordinary scope and importance of social policy. He explores its foundations and contemporary significance; the principal issues it addresses and their diverse economic, political

Hujo, Katja - Financing Social Policy, ebook

Financing Social Policy

Hujo, Katja


How Can the Financing of Social Services be Made Pro-Poor?
Enrique Delamonica, Santosh Mehrotra
5. Financing Developmental Social Policies in Low-Income Countries: Conditions and Constraints

Pawar, Manohar - Water and Social Policy, ebook

Water and Social Policy

Pawar, Manohar


Bases of Social Policies and Social Action for Water
Manohar Pawar
5. Conclusion: Social Policy for Universal Free Drinking Water

Kemshall, Hazel - Crime and Social Policy, ebook

Crime and Social Policy

Kemshall, Hazel


Crime and Social Policy provides an invaluable examination of the relationship between social policy and crime. It draws on recent empirical research to offer important insights

Haan, Arjan - Reclaiming Social Policy, ebook

Reclaiming Social Policy

Haan, Arjan


Integrating Social and Economic Policies
Arjan Haan
4. Evolving Social Policies: The Importance of National Contexts
Arjan Haan
5. Structural Adjustment, Poverty Analysis and

Greener, Ian - Evidence and Evaluation in Social Policy, ebook

Evidence and Evaluation in Social Policy

Greener, Ian

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By examining the role of evidence in social policymaking and the extent of its influence, Evidence and Evaluation in Social Policy delves deeply into one of the central questions of the field for the last 20 years.