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Dean, Kathryn - Realism, Philosophy and Social Science, ebook

Realism, Philosophy and Social Science

Dean, Kathryn


Table of contents
1. Realism, Marxism and Method
Kathryn Dean, Jonathan Joseph, John Michael Roberts, Colin Wight
2. Realism, Science and Emancipation
Colin Wight
3. Method, Marxism and Critical Realism
John Michael Roberts

Crespo, Ricardo F. - Philosophy of the Economy, ebook

Philosophy of the Economy

Crespo, Ricardo F.


Introduction: Why a Philosophy of the Economy and Why an Aristotelian Approach?
Ricardo F. Crespo
Part I. "The Economic" and its Science: A Philosophical Approach
2. The Economic
Ricardo F. Crespo
3. Economic Science
Ricardo F. Crespo

Murphy, Mark C. - Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals, ebook

Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals

Murphy, Mark C.


The Philosophy of Law is a broad-reaching text that guides readers through the basic analytical and normative issues in the field, highlighting key historical and contemporary thinkers and offering a unified treatment of the various issues in the philosophy of law.
Enlivened with numerous,

Ross, Don - Philosophy of Economics, ebook

Philosophy of Economics

Ross, Don


Table of contents
1. Philosophy of Economics as Philosophy of Science
Don Ross
2. Economics and Its Neighbors before 1980
Don Ross
3. The Expansion of the Economic Toolbox
Don Ross
4. How Economics and Psychology Differ
Don Ross
5. Economics as a Social Science
Don Ross