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Urwin, Jessica - A Return to Social Justice, ebook

A Return to Social Justice

Urwin, Jessica


Table of contents
1. A Brief History of Youth Justice
Jessica Urwin
2. Rawls’ Role in Improving Structures
Jessica Urwin
3. The Current State of Youth Justice
Jessica Urwin
4. Care Versus Control Ideologies
Jessica Urwin
5. Unbalanced Principles, Fractured Identities
Jessica Urwin

Bufacchi, Vittorio - Violence and Social Justice, ebook

Violence and Social Justice

Bufacchi, Vittorio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Vittorio Bufacchi
2. The Concept of Violence
Vittorio Bufacchi
3. Violence and Integrity
Vittorio Bufacchi
4. Violence by Omission
Vittorio Bufacchi
5. Violence and Intentionality
Vittorio Bufacchi
6. Four Faces of Violence
Vittorio Bufacchi

Ball, Matthew - Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, ebook

Crime, Justice and Social Democracy

Ball, Matthew


Social Justice, Governance and Ethics
1. The Sustaining Society
Elliott Currie
2. Democracy and the Project of Liberal Inclusion
Susanne Karstedt
3. Justice and Social Inclusion Policies
Judith Bessant

Jansen, Sue Curry - Media and Social Justice, ebook

Media and Social Justice

Jansen, Sue Curry


Global Justice and Global Media
Cees J. Hamelink
3. Video Activism as a Way of Life
DeeDee Halleck, Lora Taub-Pervizpour
4. Media and Democracy
Nick Couldry
5. A New Vision for Public Media
Jessica Clark, Patricia Aufderheide
Part II.

Forstater, Mathew - Full Employment and Social Justice, ebook

Full Employment and Social Justice

Forstater, Mathew


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael J. Murray, Mathew Forstater
2. Unemployment and Transformational Growth in the Long Run
Edward J. Nell
3. The Job Guarantee and Transformational Degrowth
B. J. Unti
4. Getting Serious…

Cordourier-Real, Carlos R. - Transnational Social Justice, ebook

Transnational Social Justice

Cordourier-Real, Carlos R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
2. On Cosmopolitanism about Justice
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
3. The International Society
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
4. The Circumstances and the Primary Agents of Justice
Carlos R. Cordourier-Real
5. Transnational Social Justice

Vahabzadeh, Peyman - Iran’s Struggles for Social Justice, ebook

Iran’s Struggles for Social Justice

Vahabzadeh, Peyman


Social Justice; Anti-imperialist, Racist, Persian-centric, and Shi‘i-centric Discursive Formations of the Ideal Citizen and Iranian School Textbooks: A Social Biography Response
Amir Mirfakhraie
8. Justice Interrupted: The University and the Imam

Brotherton, David C - Outside Justice, ebook

Outside Justice

Brotherton, David C


Procedural Justice: Immigrants in Interaction with Agents of the State
1. Driving While Immigrant: Driver’s License Policy and Immigration Enforcement
Michele L. Waslin
2. Local Democracy on ICE: The Arizona Laboratory
Judith A. Greene
3. Removal

Ochmann, Nadine - Healthy Justice, ebook

Healthy Justice

Ochmann, Nadine


Restorative Justice als Healthy Justice
Gaby Temme
8. Täter-Opfer-Ausgleich
Eduard Matt, Frank Winter
9. Vergebung und Restorative Justice
Gabriele Klocke
10. Mediation im Strafvollzug
Lioba Fricke
11. Gemeinschaftskonferenzen und andere