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Sandy, Marie G. - Collective Action for Social Change, ebook

Collective Action for Social Change

Sandy, Marie G.


Collective Action in Twentieth-Century America: A Brief History
Aaron Schutz, Marie G. Sandy
5. Saul Alinsky: The “Father” of Community Organizing
Aaron Schutz, Marie G. Sandy
Part III. Case Studies
6. Campaign versus Community Organizing: Storytelling

Swain, Ashok - Education as Social Action, ebook

Education as Social Action

Swain, Ashok


Education among Indigenous Peoples from Colombia and Peru: Social Movement or Public Policy?
Consuelo Uribe
7. Education as an Agenda of Social Action in Malaysia: The Search for Unity

Cranefield, Jocelyn - Social Knowledge Management in Action, ebook

Social Knowledge Management in Action

Cranefield, Jocelyn


Enterprise Social Networks for Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations
2. Enterprise Social Networks: Platforms for Enabling and Understanding Knowledge Work?
Janine Hacker
3. Transformation of Knowledge Sharing

Meusburger, Peter - Knowledge and Action, ebook

Knowledge and Action

Meusburger, Peter


Knowledge, Action, and Space: An Introduction
Peter Meusburger, Benno Werlen
2. Action, Knowledge, and Social Relations of Space
Benno Werlen
3. Rationality and Discursive Articulation in Place-Making
Huib Ernste
4. Thought-in-Action/

Kielburger, Craig - Take Action!: A Guide to Active Citizenship, ebook

Take Action!: A Guide to Active Citizenship

Kielburger, Craig


* Raise awareness * Start a club * Use the media * Make a difference * Get involved * Choose an issue * Build a team * Have fun!
Make a difference in your hometown and around the world!
Inspired by the vision, spirit, and activities of thousands of kids working to improve the lives of others, Take Action!

Wetherell, Margaret - Theorizing Identities and Social Action, ebook

Theorizing Identities and Social Action

Wetherell, Margaret


Biography, Education and Civic Action: Teaching Generations and Social Change
Jane Martin, John Kirk, Christine Wall, Steve Jefferys
4. Performing Identities: Participatory Theatre among Refugees
Nira Yuval-Davis, Erene Kaptani
5. Tales of Two or Many

Knoblauch, Hubert - Knowledge in Action, ebook

Knowledge in Action

Knoblauch, Hubert


Table of contents
Teil I. Neue Formen und Paradigmen der Wissen(schaft)skommunikation
1. „Public Sociology“ und „Public Understanding of Science“ (PUS) bzw. „Medialisierung“ der Wissenschaft
Oliver Neun
2. Comics als visueller…

Preston, Peter - Arguments and Actions in Social Theory, ebook

Arguments and Actions in Social Theory

Preston, Peter


Table of contents
1. The Practical Nature of Social Theorizing
Peter Preston
2. Arguments from Natural Science
Peter Preston
3. Arguments from Language/Understanding
Peter Preston
4. Arguments from Political Community
Peter Preston
5. Language, Tradition and Practice
Peter Preston