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Drolet, Julie L. - Social Protection and Social Development, ebook

Social Protection and Social Development

Drolet, Julie L.


Background to the Social Protection Initiative
Julie L. Drolet
2. International Instruments
Julie L. Drolet
3. Definition of the Social Protection Floor
Julie L. Drolet
4. Adaptive Social Protection
Julie L. Drolet
5. Country Developments

Pyyhtinen, Olli - Simmel and ‘the Social’, ebook

Simmel and ‘the Social

Pyyhtinen, Olli


The Social in Social Theory?
Olli Pyyhtinen
3. Relationality, Life and Philosophy
Olli Pyyhtinen
4. Event Dynamics
Olli Pyyhtinen
5. Excluded Thirds, Included: On Being-with
Olli Pyyhtinen
6. Relations

Maesen, Laurent J. G. - Social Quality, ebook

Social Quality

Maesen, Laurent J. G.


The Functions of Social Quality Indicators
Laurent J. G. Maesen
11. Conclusion: Social Quality and Sustainability
Laurent J. G. Maesen, Alan Walker