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Sheedy, Margie - The Small Business Success Guide, ebook

The Small Business Success Guide

Sheedy, Margie


Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or you already own a small business, The Small Business Success Guide will help you fast-track your business on the ride from good to great.

Burns, Paul - Entrepreneurship and Small Business, ebook

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Burns, Paul


' - Dr Gary Packham, University of Glamorgan DescriptionThis new text follows and succeeds the second edition of 'Small Business and Entrepreneurship' by Paul Burns and the late Jim Dewhurst. It combines a theoretical management

Tyson, Eric - Small Business For Dummies, ebook

Small Business For Dummies

Tyson, Eric


Want to start the small business of your dreams? Want to breathe new life into the one you already have? Small Business For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides authoritative guidance

Hutchinson, Karise - Leadership and Small Business, ebook

Leadership and Small Business

Hutchinson, Karise


Leadership in Small Firms—The X Factor
Karise Hutchinson
4. Leadership Purpose
Karise Hutchinson
5. Stories and Storytelling for Small Business Leaders
Karise Hutchinson
6. Learning to Lead: A New Model
Karise Hutchinson
7. Storytelling:

Applegate, Jane - 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business, ebook

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business

Applegate, Jane


Completely revised and updated edition of this very popular and successful small business book
The first edition of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business was hailed by management guru and author Tom Peters as "Brilliantly researched. Brilliantly