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Williams, Michael - Testing  Management Skills, ebook

Testing Management Skills

Williams, Michael


This easy to use, practical and effective book will provide you with: · a simple yet comprehensive guide to administering and interpreting each profile and ensuring the best results. · a straightforward system that does not require complex licence…

Fadel, Charles - 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times, ebook

21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times

Fadel, Charles

From 18,80€

The new building blocks for learning in a complex world
This important resource introduces a framework for 21st Century learning that maps out the skills needed to survive and thrive in a complex and connected world. 21st Century content includes the basic core subjects of reading, writing,

Jevon, Philip - Medical Student Survival Skills: Procedural Skills, ebook

Medical Student Survival Skills: Procedural Skills

Jevon, Philip


The Medical Student Survival Skills series helps medical students navigate core subjects of the curriculum, providing accessible, short reference guides for OSCE preparation and hospital placements. These guides are the perfect tool for achieving clinical success.

 - Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies


Find workplace success 
There are some things that will never go out of style, and good business skills are one of them. With the help of this informative book, you’ll learn how to wear multiple hats in the workplace no matter what comes your way—without ever breaking a sweat.