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Motte, R. - Silence and Wind chime, ebook

Silence and Wind chime

Motte, R.


Silence and Wind chime contains three short novels: Road Trip, Bunny and Silence and Wind chime. All three stories in one book for you to enjoy. This book is recommended for adults.

Billias, Nancy - The Ethics of Silence, ebook

The Ethics of Silence

Billias, Nancy


Whose Silence? Hearing Echoes of Disembodied Trauma (Argentina)
Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri
4. Silence Looking Out and Looking In (Southeast Asia)
Nancy Billias, Sivaram Vemuri
5. The Silence of the Unknown and

Rothenberg, Daniel - Memory of Silence, ebook

Memory of Silence

Rothenberg, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Prologue
Christian Tomuschat, Otilia Lux Cotí, Alfredo Balsells Tojo
Part I. Human Rights Violations and Acts of Violence
2. Extrajudicial Executions and Forced Disappearances
Daniel Rothenberg
3. Torture

Vogel, Burkhard - The Sound of Silence, ebook

The Sound of Silence

Vogel, Burkhard


Table of contents
Part I. Essentials
1. Amps, Pre-amps, Pre-pre-amps
Burkhard Vogel
2. RIAA Transfer/Anti-RIAA Transfer
Burkhard Vogel
3. Vinyl Record Reference Levels
Burkhard Vogel
Part II. Noise Basics
4. Noise in Components…

Vogel, Burkhard - The Sound of Silence, ebook

The Sound of Silence

Vogel, Burkhard


Table of contents
I. Theory
1. Amps, Pre-Amps, Pre-Pre-Amps
2. RIAA Transfer/Anti-RIAA Transfer
3. Noise Basics
II. Best Practice
4. Noise in MM Cartridges
5. Noise in MM Cartridges – Mathematical Calculation Course
6. Noise…

Malhotra, Sheena - Silence, Feminism, Power, ebook

Silence, Feminism, Power

Malhotra, Sheena


Still the Silence: Feminist Reflections at the Edges of Sound
Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Sheena Malhotra
Part I. Transformative Silences: Intersectionality, Privilege, Alliances
2. Resistant Silences
Christine (Cricket)

King, Jim - Silence in the Second Language Classroom, ebook

Silence in the Second Language Classroom

King, Jim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jim King
2. Major theoretical frameworks of silence
Jim King
3. An interdisciplinary overview of silence in Japan
Jim King
4. A critical analysis of Japan’s language education system
Jim King
5. A structured observation study into L2 classroom silence