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Kaiser, Thomas - Digital Signal Processing for RFID, ebook

Digital Signal Processing for RFID

Kaiser, Thomas


) and the state-of-the-art research results in signal processing for passive RFID; MIMO, blind source separation, interference avoidance (i.e. anti-collision), and spatial localization. The book consists of the following chapters: Introduction (overview of different

Shears, Stephen  - Signalling by Inositides: A Practical Approach, ebook

Signalling by Inositides: A Practical Approach

Shears, Stephen


This book unites a selection of the most fundamental and commonly used techniques from leading international signal transduction laboratories, and brings together many valuable protocols for purifying and assaying inositides and related compounds. A novel feature is

Adali, Tülay - Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions, ebook

Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions

Adali, Tülay


Leading experts present the latest research results in adaptive signal processing
Recent developments in signal processing have made it clear that significant performance gains can be achieved beyond those achievable using standard adaptive filtering approaches. Adaptive Signal

Baher, Hussein - Signal Processing and Integrated Circuits, ebook

Signal Processing and Integrated Circuits

Baher, Hussein


This book provides a balanced account of analog, digital and mixed-mode signal processing with applications in telecommunications. Part IPerspective gives an overview of the areas of Systems on a Chip (Soc) and mobile communication which are used to demonstrate the complementary relationship