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Kingston, William Henry Giles - Snow Shoes and Canoes, ebook

Snow Shoes and Canoes

Kingston, William Henry Giles


A fantastic historical adventure novel by William Henry Giles Kingston. Set in the Hudson Bay Territory, a fort needs vital materials from another fort 150 miles away, and there are no canoes available. A heroic party of people are sent by land to fetch…

Döpp, Hans-Jürgen - Feet-Ishism, ebook


Döpp, Hans-Jürgen


How is it that the foot and the toes are credited with such strong sexual connotations? Do they represent something out of the ordinary to the human subconscious? How otherwise could these unremarkable parts of the body seem erotic? And what has their…

Cundy, Mark - A Man & A Pram, ebook

A Man & A Pram

Cundy, Mark


People travel from London to New York every day - nothing unusual about that, but if your journey took you 14 months, you might rightly wish to seek compensation from the airline! However, Mark Cundy’s journey was different; his was a walking odyssey…

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe - The Art of the Shoe, ebook

The Art of the Shoe

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe


Abandoning a French look on the subject, Mrs. Bossan, the author, develops her study with a dichotomous vision: that of time that touches the history of mankind and that of geography and sociology, which lead to an almost ethnographic analysis. The author…

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe - L’Art de la chaussure, ebook

L’Art de la chaussure

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe


Qu’y-a-t-il de plus banal qu’une paire de chaussures ? Pourtant, aujourd’hui encore, la moitié de l’humanité n’en connaît pas l’usage. Dans un monde où la chaussure est devenue un objet de consommation, comment oublier que nos arrière-grands-parents…

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe - Die Kunst der Schuhe, ebook

Die Kunst der Schuhe

Bossan, Marie-Josèphe


Was gibt es wohl Banaleres als ein Paar Schuhe? Dennoch kennt heutzutage die Hälfte der Menschheit den Gebrauch von Schuhen gar nicht. In einer Welt, in der der Schuh ein Konsumobjekt geworden ist, haben wir längst vergessen, dass unsere Urgroßeltern…

Carl, Klaus - Zapatos, ebook


Carl, Klaus


El volumen de Mega Square Zapatos se centra en la historia del zapato y eleva este objeto a la categoría de obra de arte. El autor es un destacado experto en la materia, así como el máximo responsable del Museo del Zapato de Francia, que cuenta con…