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Ståhlberg, Sabira - Philip on the ship, ebook

Philip on the ship

Ståhlberg, Sabira


Philip travels by ship with Grandma. On the deck he finds a puppy. He searches for the owner, but it is not that easy. Philip cannot find his grandmother and soon he is lost himself. And the puppy runs away… Illustrations Maria Viitasalo. Language level 1 (easiest)

Dumpleton, Bernard - Brunel's Three Ships, ebook

Brunel's Three Ships

Dumpleton, Bernard


He also built three ships - the Great Western, Great Britain and Great Eastern. Each one contributed more to the development of maritime engineering than any other vessel built before or since. This book tells the story of Brunel and his three ships,

The Ship Of Love

The Ship Of Love

Cartland, Barbara


The daughter of a wealthy, ambitious man, Rowena knew that her father longed to marry her to a title, preferably the Duke of Wenfield, whom she disliked and did not wish to marry herself. To avoid marriage, they hatched a plot. Posing as brother and…

Holm-Pedersen, Poul - Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry, ebook

Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry

Holm-Pedersen, Poul


Textbook of Geriatric Dentistry, Third Edition provides a comprehensive review of the aging process and its relevance to oral health and dentistry. Now in full colour, this third edition has been fully revised and updated with new material encompassing…

Harlaftis, Gelina - Leadership in World Shipping, ebook

Leadership in World Shipping

Harlaftis, Gelina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ioannis Theotokas, Gelina Harlaftis
Part I. Shipowners, Companies and Shipping
2. International Freight Markets and Greek-Owned Shipping, 1945–2000
Ioannis Theotokas, Gelina Harlaftis
3. Greek-owned Shipping Companies
Ioannis Theotokas, Gelina Harlaftis
4. Strategies

Perez, Tristan - Ship Motion Control, ebook

Ship Motion Control

Perez, Tristan


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Ship Motion Control
Part I. Ship Modelling for Control
2. Environmental Disturbances
3. Kinematics of Ship Motion
T. Perez, T.I. Fossen
4. Ship Kinetics
T. Perez, T.I. Fossen
5. Control Surfaces (Actuators)
Part II. Introduction to Ship Roll Stabilisation

Lun, Y.H.V. - Shipping and Logistics Management, ebook

Shipping and Logistics Management

Lun, Y.H.V.


Table of contents
1. International Trade and Shipping
2. Freight Rate Mechanism
3. Bulk Shipping Market
4. Container Shipping Market
5. Business Strategy in Shipping
6. Growth of Firms
7. Fleet Mix Decision
8. Liner Shipping Network
9. Container Transport Chain
10. Intermodal Transport System