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Lynch, Alison J. - Sexuality, Disability, and the Law, ebook

Sexuality, Disability, and the Law

Lynch, Alison J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael L. Perlin, Alison J. Lynch
2. The Four Factors: Sanism, Pretextuality, Heuristics, and “Ordinary Common Sense”
Michael L. Perlin, Alison J. Lynch
3. Perspectives from the Law

Lehmiller, Justin J. - The Psychology of Human Sexuality, ebook

The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Lehmiller, Justin J.


New edition of an authoritative guide to human sexual behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective
The thoroughly revised and updated second edition of The Psychology of Human Sexuality explores the roles that biology, psychology, and the social and cultural context play in shaping human

Moore, Allison - Childhood and Sexuality, ebook

Childhood and Sexuality

Moore, Allison


Sex, Sexuality and Social Media: A New and Pressing Danger?
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
11. Conclusion: Reconciling Childhood and Sexuality
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds

Chu, Cassini Sai Kwan - Compensated Dating, ebook

Compensated Dating

Chu, Cassini Sai Kwan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cassini Sai Kwan Chu
2. Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Researching Compensated Dating
Cassini Sai Kwan Chu
3. The Brothers—Part I: Men Who Buy Compensated Dating
Cassini Sai Kwan Chu

Egan, R. Danielle - Children, Sexuality and Sexualization, ebook

Children, Sexuality and Sexualization

Egan, R. Danielle


A Sociological History of Researching Childhood and Sexuality: Continuities and Discontinuities
Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott
4. Reappraising Youth Subcultures and the Impact upon Young People’s Sexual Cultures: Links and Legacies in Studies of Girlhood

Campbell, Rosie - Internet Sex Work, ebook

Internet Sex Work

Campbell, Rosie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Technology, Social Change and Commercial Sex Online
Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular, Rosie Campbell, Jane Pitcher, Stewart Cunningham
2. The Digital Sexual Commerce Landscape
Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular,…

Forest, Maxime - Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage, ebook

Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage

Forest, Maxime


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bronwyn Winter, Maxime Forest, Réjane Sénac
2. Institutionalizing Same-Sex Marriage in Argentina and Mexico: The Role of Federalism
Jordi Díez
3. A Tale of Two Congresses: Sex, Institutions, and…

Gaudio, Rudolf Pell - Allah Made Us: Sexual Outlaws in an Islamic African City, ebook

Allah Made Us: Sexual Outlaws in an Islamic African City

Gaudio, Rudolf Pell


A rich and engrossing account of 'sexual outlaws' in the Hausa-speaking region of northern Nigeria, where Islamic law requires strict separation of the sexes and different rules of behavior for women and men in virtually every facet of life. The first ethnographic study of sexual minorities