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Greenhalgh, Kirsten - Fire and Rescue Services, ebook

Fire and Rescue Services

Greenhalgh, Kirsten


Fire and Rescue Services Under the Early New Labour Administrations from 1997 to 2005
Peter Murphy, Kirsten Greenhalgh
3. Consolidation and Improvement: Fire and Rescue Under the New Labour Administrations 2005–2010
Peter Murphy, Kirsten Greenhalgh

Golden, Bernard - Amazon Web Services For Dummies, ebook

Amazon Web Services For Dummies

Golden, Bernard


Create dynamic cloud-based websites with Amazon Web Services and this friendly guide!
As the largest cloud computing platform in the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides one of the most popular web services

Bertin, Emmanuel - Architecture and Governance for Communication Services, ebook

Architecture and Governance for Communication Services

Bertin, Emmanuel


Communication services are evolving at an unprecedented rate. No longer limited to interpersonal vocal communication, they now integrate functions such as address books, content sharing and messaging. The emergence of social networks – which may also include these features –

DiVanna, Joseph A. - Redefining financial services, ebook

Redefining financial services

DiVanna, Joseph A.


Redefining financial services -The new renaissance in value propositions Redefining Financial Services explores the fundamental redefinition of the role of financial intermediaries in the new century. Combining empirical knowledge with a historical