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Böddeker, Karl Wilhelm - Liquid Separations with Membranes, ebook

Liquid Separations with Membranes

Böddeker, Karl Wilhelm


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Barrier Separation
2. The Thermodynamic Connection
3. Osmosis et cetera
4. Membrane Filtration
5. Pervaporation versus Evaporation
6. What Membranes are About
7. Tracing Membrane Science, an…

Zhu, Guangshan - Microporous Materials for Separation Membranes, ebook

Microporous Materials for Separation Membranes

Zhu, Guangshan


Comprehensive in scope, the book covers a broad range of topics on membrane separations such as: hydrogen recovery, carbon dioxide capture, air purification, hydrocarbon separation, pervaporation, and water treatment. In addition, this up-to-date resource explores

Kucera, Jane - Reverse Osmosis: Industrial Processes and Applications, ebook

Reverse Osmosis: Industrial Processes and Applications

Kucera, Jane


This new edition of the bestselling Reverse Osmosis is the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the process of reverse osmosis in industrial applications, a technology that is becoming increasingly more important as more and more companies choose…