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Chen, Xuefeng - Structural Health Monitoring, ebook

Structural Health Monitoring

Chen, Xuefeng


Advanced Signal Processing for Structural Health Monitoring
Ruqiang Yan, Xuefeng Chen, Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay
2. Signal Post-processing for Accurate Evaluation of the Natural Frequencies
G. R. Gillich, I. C. Mituletu

Andò, Bruno - Sensors, ebook


Andò, Bruno


Integrated Thermal Flow Sensors with Programmable Power-Sensitivity Trade-Off
Massimo Piotto, Filippo Dell’Agnello, Simone Del Cesta, Paolo Bruschi
2. Single-Chip CMOS Capacitive Sensor for Ubiquitous Dust Detection and Granulometry with Sub-micrometric Resolution

Natale, Corrado Di - Sensors and Microsystems, ebook

Sensors and Microsystems

Natale, Corrado Di


A Novel Method to Size Resistance for Biasing the POSFET Sensors in Common Drain Configuration
Arun Kumar Sinha, Daniele D. Caviglia
66. A Novel Wireless Battery Recharge System for Wearable/Portable Devices
M. Galizzi, M. Caldara, V. Re, A. Vitali

Ban, Yifang - Multitemporal Remote Sensing, ebook

Multitemporal Remote Sensing

Ban, Yifang


Interferometric SAR Multitemporal Processing: Techniques and Applications
Daniele Perissin
9. TIMESAT for Processing Time-Series Data from Satellite Sensors for Land Surface Monitoring