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Johnson, Michael - The Semantics and Pragmatics of Quotation, ebook

The Semantics and Pragmatics of Quotation

Johnson, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. Use & Mention
1. Scare-Quoting and Incorporation
Mark McCullagh
2. Blah, blah, blah: Quasi-quotation and Unquotation
Paul Saka
3. Use-Mention Confusions in “Sloppy, Colloquial Speech”
Marga Reimer
4. A Bridge from the Use-Mention Distinction to Natural Language

Kagan, Olga - Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian, ebook

Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian

Kagan, Olga


Table of contents
1. Non-Canonical Genitive: How Many Cases?
Olga Kagan
2. Previously Proposed Accounts
Olga Kagan
3. Subjunctive Mood and the Notion of Commitment
Olga Kagan
4. Irrealis Genitive: Formulating the Analysis

Fox, Chris - Foundations of Intensional Semantics, ebook

Foundations of Intensional Semantics

Fox, Chris


This book provides a systematic study of three foundational issues in the semantics of natural language that have been relatively neglected in the past few decades.
focuses on the formal characterization of intensions, the nature of an adequate type system for natural language semantics,