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Button, Mark - Doing Security, ebook

Doing Security

Button, Mark


Private Security, Nodal Governance and the Security System
Mark Button
Part II. Security Undone
2. Security Failure and the Security Myth
Mark Button
3. Understanding the Malefactors
Mark Button
4. The Human Element of the Security System

Rappert, Brian - Technology and Security, ebook

Technology and Security

Rappert, Brian


Technology and Disciplinary Approaches
2. Science and Technology Policy and International Security
Andrew D. James
3. Rethinking ‘Secrecy’ and ‘Disclosure’: What Science and Technology

Arnett, Kirk P. - Security Technology, ebook

Security Technology

Arnett, Kirk P.


Towards the Integration of Security Aspects into System Development Using Collaboration-Oriented Models
Linda Ariani Gunawan, Peter Herrmann, Frank Alexander Kraemer
11. Impact of Malicious Node on Broadcast Schemes
Aneel Rahim, Fahad bin Muyaha

Kim, Haeng-kon - Advances in Security Technology, ebook

Advances in Security Technology

Kim, Haeng-kon


Impossible Differential Characteristics of Extended Feistel Networks with Provable Security against Differential Cryptanalysis
Huihui Yap
10. Evaluating the Applicability of a Use Case Precedence Diagram Based Approach in Software Development Projects through

Voeller, John G. - Cyber Security, ebook

Cyber Security

Voeller, John G.

From 23,30€

Cyber Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to cyber security

Stamp, Mark - Information Security: Principles and Practice, ebook

Information Security: Principles and Practice

Stamp, Mark


Your expert guide to information security
As businesses and consumers become more dependent on complex multinational information systems, the need to understand and devise sound information security systems has never been greater. This title takes a practical approach to information

Diehl, Eric - Ten Laws for Security, ebook

Ten Laws for Security

Diehl, Eric


Law 3: No Security Through Obscurity
Eric Diehl
4. Law 4: Trust No One
Eric Diehl
5. Law 5: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
Eric Diehl
6. Law 6: Security Is no Stronger Than Its Weakest Link
Eric Diehl

Christofferson, Debra A. - Women in Security, ebook

Women in Security

Christofferson, Debra A.


Cyber Risk, Technology & Innovation
2. Under a New Security Landscape: Global Ramifications of Multijurisdictional Conflicts
Adriana Sanford
3. Managing Cybersecurity Risk for the Coming Decade
Debra Christofferson