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Macdonald, Ian W. - Screenwriting Poetics and the Screen Idea, ebook

Screenwriting Poetics and the Screen Idea

Macdonald, Ian W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ian W. Macdonald
2. Theoretical Approaches
Ian W. Macdonald
3. The Orthodox Poetics of Screenwriting
Ian W. Macdonald
4. The Real World, and Screenwriting as Work
Ian W. Macdonald
5. The Screen Idea Work Group: Emmerdale
Ian W. Macdonald
6. The Individual,

Batty, Craig - Screenwriters and Screenwriting, ebook

Screenwriters and Screenwriting

Batty, Craig


Horror Screenwriting: Blending Theory with Practice
Shaun Kimber
5. Beyond the Screenplay: Memoir and Family Relations in Three Films by Gaylene Preston
Hester Joyce
6. Costume as Character Arc: How Emotional Transformation is Written into the Dressed

Millard, Kathryn - Screenwriting in a Digital Era, ebook

Screenwriting in a Digital Era

Millard, Kathryn


14 Lessons on Screenwriting from Errol Morris
Kathryn Millard
6. Adaptation: Writing as Rewriting and The Lost Thing
Kathryn Millard
7. Degrees of Improvisation
Kathryn Millard
8. Improvising Reality
Kathryn Millard
9. Composing the

Schellhardt, Laura - Screenwriting For Dummies, ebook

Screenwriting For Dummies

Schellhardt, Laura


You get savvy industry tips and strategies for getting your screenplay noticed! The screenwriting process from A to Z -- from developing a concept and thinking visually to plotline, conflicts, pacing, and the conclusion Craft living, breathing characters

Theo, LJ - Constructing Transgressive Sexuality in Screenwriting, ebook

Constructing Transgressive Sexuality in Screenwriting

Theo, LJ


Table of contents
1. Rephrasing the Feitiço: A New Episteme for Perverse Characters
LJ Theo
Part I. Myth: From the Absent, Invisible ‘Pervert’ to the ‘Is-ness’ of the Feiticeiro/a
2. Psychoanalytic Absence: Freudian Object-Focus…

Price, Steven - A History of the Screenplay, ebook

A History of the Screenplay

Price, Steven


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Steven Price
2. Prehistory of the Screenplay
Steven Price
3. Copyright Law, Theatre and Early Film Writing
Steven Price
4. Outlines and Scenarios, 1904–17
Steven Price
5. The Continuity Script, 1912–29
Steven Price
6. The Silent Film Script in Europe

Batty, Craig - Screen Production Research, ebook

Screen Production Research

Batty, Craig


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Craig Batty, Susan Kerrigan
2. A ‘Logical’ Explanation of Screen Production as Method-Led Research
Susan Kerrigan
3. Lights, Camera, Research: The Specificity of Research in Screen Production
Leo Berkeley
4. The Primacy of Practice: Establishing the Terms of Reference

Batty, Craig - Movies That Move Us, ebook

Movies That Move Us

Batty, Craig


Screenwriting and the Power of the Protagonist’s Journey
1. Introduction
Craig Batty
2. Exploring the Duality of a Screenplay Narrative
Craig Batty
3. Mythology and the Hero’s Journey
Craig Batty
4. Exploring the Hero’s Journey