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Poore, Benjamin - Sherlock Holmes from Screen to Stage, ebook

Sherlock Holmes from Screen to Stage

Poore, Benjamin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Sherlock Holmes Belongs to Everyone
Benjamin Poore
2. The Deductionist: Surveying the Character of Sherlock Holmes
Benjamin Poore
3. The Homeless Network: Sherlock Holmes and Adaptation

Crisp, Virginia - Besides the Screen, ebook

Besides the Screen

Crisp, Virginia


From the Big Screen to the Small Ones: How Digitization is Transforming the Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption of Movies
Alejandro Pardo
3. Notes on Film Distribution: Networks, Screens and Practices
Stefania Haritou
4. Catering for Whom? The

Ankerst, Donna P. - Prostate Cancer Screening, ebook

Prostate Cancer Screening

Ankerst, Donna P.


Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening: Overview of the UK
Richard J. Bryant, Freddie C. Hamdy
3. Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening: Canada
Robert K. Nam, Laurence H. Klotz
4. Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening

Baron, Cynthia - Modern Acting, ebook

Modern Acting

Baron, Cynthia


Table of contents
Part I. Making Modern Acting Visible
1. A Twenty-First-Century Perspective
Cynthia Baron
2. Acting Strategies, Modern Drama, and New Stagecraft
Cynthia Baron
3. Modern Acting: A Conscious Approach
Cynthia Baron

Broadhurst, Susan - Performance and Technology, ebook

Performance and Technology

Broadhurst, Susan


Table of contents
1. Bodies Without Bodies
Susan Melrose
2. Truth-Seeker’s Allowance: Digitising Artaud
Steve Dixon
3. Transformed Landscapes: The Choreographic Displacement of Location and Locomotion in Film
John Cook
4. Saira Virous: Game Choreography in Multiplayer Online Performance Spaces

Larner, A. J. - Cognitive Screening Instruments, ebook

Cognitive Screening Instruments

Larner, A. J.


Introduction to Cognitive Screening Instruments: Rationale and Desiderata
Andrew J. Larner
2. Assessment of the Utility of Cognitive Screening Instruments
Terence J. Quinn, Yemisi Takwoingi
Part II. Patient Performance-Related