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Forbes, David - The Science of Why, ebook

The Science of Why

Forbes, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Forbes
2. Marketing to Motivation
David Forbes
3. Introducing the MindSight Motivational Matrix
David Forbes
4. Introducing the Intrapsychic Motivations
David Forbes
5. The Security…

Gingras, Yves - Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue, ebook

Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue

Gingras, Yves


Today we hear renewed calls for a dialogue between science and religion: why has the old question of the relations between science and religion now returned to the public domain and what is at stake in this debate?
To answer these questions, historian

Gresh, Lois H. - The Science of Supervillains, ebook

The Science of Supervillains

Gresh, Lois H.


The authors of The Science of Superheroes now reveal the real genius of the most evil geniuses
Ever wonder why comic book villains, such as Spiderman's bionic archenemy Dr. Octopus or the X-Men's eternal rival Magneto, are so scary and so much fun? It's not just their diabolical talent

Schiffer, Michael Brian - The Archaeology of Science, ebook

The Archaeology of Science

Schiffer, Michael Brian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Brian Schiffer
2. Science: A Behavioral Perspective
Michael Brian Schiffer
3. Varieties of Scientific Knowledge
Michael Brian Schiffer
4. Contributions of Experimental Archaeology
Michael Brian Schiffer
5. Contributions of Ethnoarchaeology

Agassi, Joseph - Science and its History, ebook

Science and its History

Agassi, Joseph


Chroniclers in the Courts of Science: Preliminary Essays on the Traditions and the History of Science
Joseph Agassi
2. Towards an Historiography of Science
Joseph Agassi
3. Historiographic essays
Joseph Agassi
4. Historical Essays