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Green, Peter - Sales Management and Organisation, ebook

Sales Management and Organisation

Green, Peter


The high cost of deploying sales people means effectiveness is a key business issue. This book provides a set of simple, practical, proven, award-winning techniques based on published and private research on the needs of today's sales force and the successful

Pufahl, Mario - Sales Performance Management, ebook

Sales Performance Management

Pufahl, Mario


Gute Gründe für Sales Performance Management
1. Sales Performance Management
Mario Pufahl
2. Trends – Welche Themen den Vertrieb beschäftigen
Mario Pufahl
Teil II. Sales Performance Management – Implementierung

Busch, Corinna - The Quintessence of Sales, ebook

The Quintessence of Sales

Busch, Corinna


The Dawn of the Sales Age: A First Basic Understanding
Stefan Hase, Corinna Busch
3. The Sales Process
Stefan Hase, Corinna Busch
4. The Sales Environment
Stefan Hase, Corinna Busch
5. The Sales Team
Stefan Hase, Corinna Busch
6. Sales