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Rose, Hilary - Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds?, ebook

Can Neuroscience Change Our Minds?

Rose, Hilary


Neuroscience, with its astounding new technologies, is uncovering the workings of the brain and with this perhaps the mind. The 'neuro' prefix spills out into every area of life, from neuroaesthetics to neuroeconomics, neurogastronomy and neuroeducation.…

Collins, Harry - Why Democracies Need Science, ebook

Why Democracies Need Science

Collins, Harry


We live in times of increasing public distrust of the main institutions of modern society. Experts, including scientists, are suspected of working to hidden agendas or serving vested interests. The solution is usually seen as more public scrutiny and…

Kumar, Updesh - The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment

Kumar, Updesh


The Wiley Handbook of Personality Assessment presents the state-of-the-art in the field of personality assessment, providing a perspective on emerging trends, and placing these in the context of research advances in the associated fields.

Lakshmiraghavan, Badrinarayanan - Pro ASP.NET Web API Security, ebook

Pro ASP.NET Web API Security

Lakshmiraghavan, Badrinarayanan


Table of contents
1. Welcome to ASP.NET Web API
Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan
2. Building RESTful Services
Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan
3. Extensibility Points
Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan
4. HTTP Anatomy and Security
Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan
5. Identity Management